Thursday, November 17, 2011

YAG delegate attends Global Youth Summit

Mariama Dumbuya, a member of the Youth Alliance The Gambia (YAG) over the weekend left Banjul for London, UK where she will represent Youth Alliance and the Gambian youths’ at the Global Youth Summit (Global Change Makers). The summit is scheduled for 13-19 November, 2011.

The Global   Youth Summit is part of the British Council’s Global Change Makers initiative. Global Change makers is a global network of a select group of young who have a significant track record as social entrepreneurs, social activists and volunteers (aged 16-25).

They meet to share ideas and best practices and work individually and together on projects that directly impact the lives of those in their local communities.

In addition, each year, a select group of Global change makers is chosen to participate in high –level political and economic events, to act as advocate and to raise decision-makers’ awareness of key issues on the global agenda.

Mariama Dumbuya was lucky to be selected from   almost 2000 young people from all over the world, to be part of the 60  participants that will spend a week sharing best practices in the areas of human rights, climate change, poverty reduction, education, Hiv/Aids and social entrepreneurship.

The 60 selected youths will serve as the new change makers and will share best practices on activism, and work together with expert and other young social activists on how to best address the issues they are facing on the ground in their home country.

At the summit, she shall be focusing on Climate Change and Education which she is expected to give presentation and come up with expected report and proposals for global change.

Her attendance will also provide the Youth  Alliance-The Gambia direct access to exhibits and make presentations on participating international organisations and  to other organisations and  will provide the opportunity to partner in projects and initiatives that promote social justice and environmental rights.

Youth Alliance-The Gambia  is a collection of youths of all fields of study working together to help improve the quality of life and advocate for social and climate justice issues in The Gambia.

The Alliance is borne out of humanitarian obligation and sacrifice to support young people and empower them to be future leaders. Compelled by humanitarian fortitude, the group is empowered by the principles of natural love and care for humanity.

As we groom and nurture the youths with facilities to develop and grow to be self-sufficient and involve in capacity building to meet the challenges of modern times and to enhance their competitive advantage. We offer hands of fellowship and partnership to the community for self-reliance and self-development.

YAG has been organising and facilitating several training programmes on youth and conflict, cultural diplomacy, peace education, community development, climate change and environment for young people in different parts of the country.

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