Thursday, November 17, 2011

Darboe: No One Will Be Held In Hostage in This Election

UDP leader, Ousainou Darboe

(DAILY NEWS)Leader of the main opposition UDP, Ousainou Darboe has warned that nobody  will be held hostage in this upcoming November 24 presidential  election.
“No one will be held hostage again as  had happened in the last presidential election and nobody can threaten or intimidate the Independent Electoral Commission,” said the UDP presidential candidate.
The lawyer cum politician made these statements at a political rally on Saturday. The meeting was well attended.
According  to Darboe, 17 years of women  empowerment under Jammeh administration  is just a mere propaganda.
He warned: “November 24. will be the atrium revolution in the Gambia as what has happened in the Middle East through ballot box and not violence.
“This election will determine whether the excessive poverty level in the country will increase or not as well as the skyrocketing of our basic commodities and it is left to you to decide for yourself.”
In Darboe’s view, to say tribal politics exist in this country is nonsense as compared to previous regime nothing that the words uttered by president Jammeh are the main cause of the problem in the Gambian politics.
The Gambians, he went on, are not going to accept this nonsense again and he will not allow anyone to infringe the right of his party  when exercising their  political and constitutional rights.
The lawyer cum politician who has lost to the incumbent president Yahya Jammeh in previous election decried about lack of job opportunities.
He promised that if elected president, he will improve the economy, create jobs, develop tourism sector to attract tourists into the country and empower the women by providing loans and credit union to engage them in large scale businesses.
The campaign manager of UDP, Lamin Dibba reiterated that, this year’s election will be different from the previous election as the nomination of candidates has already determined who should win the election.
According to  Mr. Dibba , this year is for change and the Gambians are determined  to effect that change by dislodging  president Jammeh from power.
He vowed that if Darboe is voted as the president, the rights and dignity of the citizens that has been a travesty under Jammeh’s 17 years rule will be restored.
Meanwhile, three NRP supporters have announced their defection to the UDP as well as fifty youths from Kantora constituency in URD and one green boy also defected. This development was announced by the party propaganda secretary now the organizing secretary, Momodou Lamin Syngle Nyassi.

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