Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Civil Society Groups, NGOS Brief Social Forum

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA(MB)- Members of the steering committee of the social forum, the Gambia, on Tuesday 2 November 2010. Conveyed a meeting for civil societies NGOs and the media, at the Tango conference Hall on the Bertil Harding highway. The purpose of the meeting was to share with them some of the plans, which are being made, and also to solicit their full support and commitment to the planning process. Briefing the members of the civil society and NGOs, Amadou Taal chairman of the steering committee disclosed that, the Gambia Social forum and the Senegalese social forum are working together as co-hosts to this world event. According to Taal, it has now been agreed that a mini-social forum called the Senegambia social forum, to be held in Zinguichor from 25-27 November 2010.

He pointed out that, the forum will bring together participants from, Senegal Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Mali, Mauritania, and the Gambia to deliberate on social, economic political and cultural matters that affect the lives of peoples of the Sub-region, in line the format and procedures of the world social forum. He further said that, the central theme of the forum would be “ Decentralization and integration in the Senegambia”. He noted that, the world forum will be held in Dakar from the 6-13 February 2011, adding that the two forums has meet before in Kaolack, to discuss about the up coming world forum noting that the discussion was successful. He pointed out that this year they want the Gambia and Senegal to co-host the event, Taal, told the meeting that the Senegalese steering committee were here in Banjul in order to brief them about their plans in hosting the special event.  He noted that during their stay in Banjul, the committee were taking to the National Assembly, the ministry of interior and other relevant ministries in order to inform them about the forum, he went on further to say that, both committee are all doing well, but he was quick to add that there has been some changes of date on the one to be held in Ziguinchor. Indicating that, the idea is to send more people as they could, “we are thinking of going with fifty participants to Ziguinchor, but the world forum we are thinking of going with hundred participants,” he said.
Earlier on, the chairman of logistics Mr. Ousman Yabo emphasized the need for effective participation in the Senegambia forum and the world forum as well. Adding that, participation means having something to presents, but not just going there to be giving a “brand envelop” and find your way, he noted that, Gambia participation is key therefore they should make everything possible to make it a successful event. “There is scarcity of funds so we really want to see year contribution”, he said.
Adding his voice to his colleagues, Ousman Sillah chairman of information education and communication pointed out that, they are task to identified action or activities can be taking to make so that the forum is successful. “We have meet and have identified some areas, we think that the (IEC) will serve as a inter-face in order to make successful, we must publicise it,” he indicated. Also speaking earlier on, he chairman of fundraising and budgeting committee Lamin Nyangado, announce that up till now they have not secure any funds yet, adding that they are targeting three million, forty thousand five hundred dalasis. In order to meet their demands. “so we are appealing to any one to come and support us in any ways”, he pointed out.

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