Monday, November 29, 2010

Women Human Rights Defenders Meeting In Banjul

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA(MB)- The meeting that will provide African women human rights defenders from across Africa, Asia and Latin America is underway at the Kairaba Beach Hotel. The meeting is schedule from 4-6 November 2010, the international service of human fights (ISHR), conecas Direitos Humanos, Africa Centre for Democracy and Human rights (ACDHRS), East Horn of African Human Rights Defenders Network (EHAHRDN) West African Human Rights Defenders Network (WAHRDN/ROADDH) and the Women Human Rights Defenders international coalition are hosting the meeting of women human rights defenders. 
Welcoming participants, Mr. Hannah Foster African center for Democracy and Human Rights studies (ACDHRS) haided all the eminent women rights defenders to accepting their invitation. She said this consultative workshop meeting is second of its kind to be held, and thanked all those who have had been participating in the meetings. According to her, the ACDHRS is pleased to be associated with such a high profile meeting in promoting and protecting the right of many in he continent. She also appluaded the African commission on human and peoples right in their crusade to support NGO in promotion and protection of peoples rights. She decries, As long as there is no gender equity in the continent, women human rights defender will be at rise”. She stressed that many women human rights defenders are facing day to day trouble in their executing their duties in the are of human rights. She told participants is prudent to revisit impunity that is taking place, Foster accused state agents of been responsible for the crimes and called on state agents to stop and increase their records on human rights. In his remarks, Mr. Clement Voule of the International Service for human rights (ISHR) gave a background inforamtion of ISHR saying that ISHR launched an international campaign on women human rights defenders in 2005. In addition, the launching highlight the particular challenges faced by the women human rights defenders and need to address it. Mr. Voule noted that the campaign brought together organisations working on mainstream human rights issues, women’s rights amongst others. “Women human rights defenders put themselves on the frontline in the promotion and protection of human rights. “In doing so”, they face risk that are specific to their gender and additional to those faced by men”. He went on, frequently the violence or threats against them is sexual in nature or they face restrictions in their work on account of their gender”. In addition, Mr. Vouule said they in turns also or can experience prejudice , and exclusion by state women human rights defenders include women active in human rights defence are also targeted by ISHR in their campaigns. He explained that women human rights defenders include those working on the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. In introducing regional partners, Madam
Camila Asano, of the Conectas Direitos Humanos also welcome all the particpants to the meeting noting that Concetas Direitos Humanos is an organisation, since its inception, have been engaged in promoting the concepts of south-south cooperation. For her part, Dr, Isatou Touray executive director GAMCOTRAP called all women human rights defenders to unite under one umbrella and promote the issues of human rights. According to her, women human rights defenders should not be seen as an autojouist to the state but as development partners complimenting the efforts of the state.

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