Monday, December 19, 2016

ECOWAS Heads of State Summit: FAO and ECOWAS promote initiative toward achieving Zero Hunger Challenge

Agricultural growth and transformation must fully benefit and empower women

Bukar Tijani, FAO Assistant Director-General
16 December 2016, Accra - FAO and ECOWAS have demonstrated strong commitment towards meeting the Zero Hunger Challenge in the West Africa region by implementing a joint project on gender-responsive regional and National Agricultural Investment Plans (NAIPs) for meeting the Zero Hunger Challenge in the ECOWAS region. 

The project responds in concrete terms to women’s constraints, needs and priorities in agricultural production, value chain development, food security and nutrition.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Statement from the President Elect Adama Barrow

President-elect Adama Barrow
Fellow citizens and friends of The Gambia I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate the Independent Electoral Commission of The Gambia in particular and the Electorate at large for delivering free, fair and credible elections. In the same vein, I wish to congratulate the contestants for accepting the results of the elections as the undiluted verdict of the Electorate. The people of the Gambia have spoken. They have shown that they have the power to determine their destiny.

For the first time in Gambian history change has come in a peaceful manner through the ballot box based on the consent of the people. We have all made history. There are no winners or losers in this election. We brought about change to build an inclusive society.

Now Gambians and Gambia can raise our heads and count ourselves among the most democratic nations in the world. The congratulatory message from President Jammeh, the outgoing president, and his promise to work with me as the incoming president, to ensure a smooth transfer of power is another milestone in the history of democratic transfer of power in Africa. We have agreed to set up parallel teams, on both sides, to work hand in hand to formulate and implement the modalities of the transition.