Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily News Newspaper Clocks Two

 NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- NOT fever than forty journalist including editors, sub- editors, senior reporters, and freelances journalists on Thursday 6 April 2011, gathered at the Daily News newspaper ground in Churchill's Town to celebrate the second anniversary of the newspaper. 
 The celebration was done in the form of speeches delivered by different speakers. Daily News newspaper was established on  6 April 2009, by Mr. Madi M.K Ceesay Founder and Proprietor of the daily news newspper, also well known for its guidig Motto: Factual, Reliable, and Authoritative. Daily news newspaper has continued to attract lot of readers for their unbeatable news coverage. 

 Presenting a paper on that " Future For The Daily News," veteran journalist, Editor and Proprietor of The Gambia News and Report Weekly Magazine edition, Swaebou Conateh noted that at the time many people doubted if the paper could make it, in an increasingly crowded media field. he went on already in circulation were the Daily Observer, the Point and Foroyaa Newspapers, among others. 
 According to Conateh, "even  more so is the fact that the reading public, with limited incomes and even more limited incomes and even more limited appetite for reading or buying newspaper. Adding that thanks to their preference for cellu loid films and the audio visual newa presentation."
 He said that he (Conateh) often remind people that for most Gambians , buying even one copy of a newspaper is a choice, between having something to read of having three cups of rice for  the household. More over he said that the venture will also depend on readers, who are already used to the established papers. 
 He noted that, however, even though audacious at the time, Mr. Ceesay he said ventured into the field of newspaper publishing and brought out the first edtion of the Daily News with its bodily declered motto of factual, reliable and authoritative. 
 According to him, the Rubicon having thus been crossed, there h ad been little time to look back. “We have seen how the daily’s frequency has from one to several times per week in pursuit of the management target, to more it he what its name proclaims, daily”, he said. 
 He went on to say that "but besides continuos non stop publication to date is the fact that the daily news, by living up to its creed of factual, noble, and authoritative reports has now found its niche in the Gambian publishing scene."
 He pointed out that imagination, the paper has defined its own character side by side with other papers of the Gambia adding that it has indeed shown them that by adhering to time and forms of journalism, the reading public no matter how well educated it be, would still reach out to have value for one y when it comes to buying a newspaper. 
 Conateh pointed out that what values readers find in the Daily News lie in its uncompromising editional stance on fundamental issues of human rights, citizenship and good governance, its investigative, for example the Brikama Area Council, and its success at combining entertainment with factual reports. 
"I find paper’s foreign news pages up to date and informative in a fast changing competitive news environment,” he says. 
 He remarked that another important aspect of progress is in the field of advertising, they all know the importance of advertising to newspapers saying that from virtually all, he continued, the paper has increased its advertising space and linage. 
 In addition, he noted that this is a good sign as advertisers are the best indication of papers acceptance by members of  the community. He further said that advertising is also a guarantor of more success, there can indeed be no future for a paper that cannot attract advertisments. 
 Noting that with this inspiring background, it is possible to see a bright future for the daily news. According to Conateh he have always said that the Gambia is still very much a virgin territory as far as media investment are concerned. 
  He went on, now as the paper grows in reputation and circulation, they can be rest assured that it will also grow in size in terms of the number of pages. As advertising revenue increases, so also will the number and quality of staff. 
  He advertised the management to continue to aim for high quality staff of educational qualifications, English usage and various other talents and qualification, which he said can provide a quality product at the end of the day. Noting that this of course will bring to the papers readers richer dividends, in terms of a well balanced mixture of news and views, with journalists in sciences. Technology, IT, graphics arts as well as other fields. Pointing out that the sky is the limit on the way ahead. 
  Speaking earlier a veteran female journalist Madam Bijou Peters, noted that setting up a media house is not an easy task. Adding that it need lots of planning, because two years she said is not enough to get a media house on its feet. 
 She reminded the young journalist at the gathering that between 1992 there was no viable media houses in the Gambia. She pointed out that there used to be the outlook, Senegambia, and the Gambia echo in those days. 
  She stated that journalist are important members of the society but, she said it is unfortunate that the authority do not see them as essential members of the society. She said that a journalist need to be brave, and concious in order to start a media house.

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