Monday, November 29, 2010

Gambian Minister Advised To LDC Countries

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The Gambia Minister for Forestry and the Environment Mr. Jatto S Sillah on the 10th November 2010 at the Paradise suites Hotel in Banjul, addresses participants on the regional preparatory workshop for climate change negotiations from least Development countries (LDC). The workshop came as a result of the preparation for the 16th conference of parties and 6th conference of parties acting as meeting of parties (COPMOP) to be held in cancum, Mexico, he says "you should make sure that you speak with one common voice loud and clear that will benefit our countries," he advised participants. He continued, “ you should ensure that the implementation of the two tracks continues from the first and second commitment period”. He told participants to be well prepared as there are high fears for the COP 16 Cancun, noting that "all efforts should be made to conclude on the annex countries further commitment in the forum of qualified Emission Limitation and reduction objectives (QELROS)." According to Minister sillah, climate change is a global problem, a predicament for all nations but its effects are distributed unevenly. This he went on unight be one of the reasons why some countries are not taking the challenges of the changing climate seriously. “the Issue of climate change, is down-played by a lot of countries, in particular our partners in the so-called developing world, most of whom are real culprits”. Minister Sillah remarked that the African people respects through You (participants) a unqualified “African fears the scotch and silent pains of something that does not all attribute to African climate conditions”. Quoting one of Jammeh’s popular speech on climate change, “African development must come from within through hard work dedication self-reliance and respect. Minister told participants that they should never allow their separation in carcum but to work for the best of their countries. Minister Sillah says “as we speak here today, a lot of people in various countries are suffering from floods naming Pakistan, China and the Gambia as examples, continuing that” we must accept that it is poor and vulnerable groups whom are ones that suffers most, most of which are found in LDC”. This Minister Sillah said is a clear signal that climate change has been and will continue to be the major challenges for many countries both rich and poor but was quick to highlight the effort of the government in giving over 10 million dalasis to assist flood victims in the Gambia. According to Sillah, those who have the capacity to cope with the effects of climate change and its mitigation on the other hand, are also historical responsible for cumulative green house emission that, he said is chasing harmful effects and must be addressed before its too late. Also making a reference from the US national oceanic and atmosphere administration Sillah said the first eight mouths of 2010 corresponding to the same period in 1998 have the warmest global temperatures on record. The average global land surface temperature for the June to August period was the warmest ever and among the consequences of the heat record in the year 2010 which has resulted deadly wild fires and severe drought in Russia. During their deliberations, this is what the Minister told them;” I advised you to ensure that are comparable to that of these in kyoto protocol in magnitude and efforts, urgent provision of financial and technical support for adaptations are in place and establishment of an effective and accountable institutions under the authority and guidance of the conference of parties. Ms Keeena Mosheshe chairperson of the LCD congratulate the Gambia as the incoming chair of the LCD Group and assumed the Gambia their support through out their chairmanship. Speaker after speaker spoke on key messages to the Cancun. In related development, the Gambia Minister for forestry and environment Mr. Sillah also official presided over opening of a four-day Regional Preparatory workshop for climate change at the same hotel from 12-15 November 2010. During his speech, Sillah said the out come of the workshop should not in any way deviate from the mandate of the Rali Road Map which calls for a comprehensive process to enable full effective and sustained implementation of the convention through long term cooperation action, now up to and beyond 2010 in order to reach an agreed out come. He thanked the Gambian president for supporting flood victims in the country.

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