Thursday, November 24, 2011

United Front flag-bearer calls for peaceful election

DAILY OBSERVER: The United Front presidential candidate, Hamat NK Bah has called on his supporters and well-wishers to abide by the laws of the country in order to ensure a peaceful election.

Bah said that he would not compromise with anyone who wants to jeopardise his ‘victory’, because , as he  puts it, ‘he would not surrender his ‘victory’ in the November 24th Presidential Election’.

He made these remarks while addressing supporters in various rallies held in Sareh Bojo, Bansang, and Upper Fulladou in the Central River Region (CRR); and Julangel and Jimara, both in the Upper River Region (URR). According to him, the United Front has come to unseat President Jammeh’s 17-years rule, thus bringing about a new Gambia.

He promised that if he is voted into office, The Gambia will be a country where citizens can move freely, exercise their rights and take part in all aspects of development.

Bah pointed out that the road infrastructure development under President Jammeh’s regime that people are talking about came through grants and loans.

Also speaking at the various rallies, Hon. Sidia Jatta told supporters that Gambians are suffering and it is the electorate that can end the suffering by voting for the United Front.

According to Jatta, the APRC government has failed Gambians in bringing about sustainable development to improve the lives of all Gambians.

Jatta stated that Gambians should know themselves and their country and then decide who should be entrusted with the affairs of the state in the interest of all.

“The United Front party is a coalition party formed by four political parties to gain strength to effect change and our flag bearer is Hamat NK Bah who was elected by Gambian people to lead the coalition,” he explained.  He then urged Gambians to vote for Hamat NK Bah if they want to bring about  meaningful change in The Gambia.

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