Saturday, November 19, 2011

United Front Bah promises to build up Bakau

Hamat NK Bah
The United Front Presidential candidate, Hamat NK Bah with his entourage on 14 November entered Bakau with party militants and supporter to show up himself to the people of Bakau as a presidential candidate as well as to put in plain words his manifesto.
 United Front supporters and militants turned up in their hundreds in Bakau to welcome Hamat NK Bah and his entourage. The crowd greeted Bah with shouting slogans and singing songs of praise.

In a brief statement, Bah outlined his programmes for the next five years if voted as the president of the Republic of The Gambia. He told supporters that United Front if voted in office is poised to register more outstanding achievements for the Gambian peoples especially Bakau. 
He promised to upgrade and improve the live conditions of the people of Bakau and its surroundings by making it a tourist destination and fishing export centre saying that before the coming of APRC government, Bakau was a tourist hub and was a well known fishing centre.
Bah told supporter that if his government comes to power, they will transform Bakau into a tourist destination accusing the APRC government of failing to develop Bakau.
He said Bakau before APRC rule has been know as a tourist attraction town but with the presence government, Bakau has lost all its tourist attractions due to lack of development adding their youths of Bakau are not enjoying the tourist market due to low number of tourist visiting Bakau.
He then promised the people of Bakau that United Front government will bring rapid development to their door step. He also told them to vote for him (Bah) massively noting that for seventeen years under APRC rule, Bakau cannot still have cool store. 
The candidate delegation will hold its last rally in Bakau, Bah told the well attended rally, and he further informed them that the United Front will hold more rallies are planned to be in the Kombos and the Kanifing Municipality. “Our last rally which will fall on Tuesday 22 November, 2011, will be held in Bakau,” Bah informed supporters.
Speaking earlier, Hendry Gomes of GPDP told the rally to vote for the United Front saying that Gambian are now tired of APRC government and called on them to vote for the United Front.
Gomez started his address at the rally by loudly saying “MO BEH YEH BALUU” meaning in English (Everybody Need to Survive). He then informed them that in today’s Gambia, it is only President Jammeh and his family that are enjoying and living in dignify live while majority of Gambians cannot have food to eat as a result many Gambians are ‘hungry’ and have turn to beggars.

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