Thursday, November 24, 2011

Independent Candidate Apologises Over Farato Incident

United Front leader Hamat Bah

United Front backed independent presidential candidate Hamat Bah Monday apologised for defying instructions to go off road for ruling APRC convoy to pass.  
The saga occurred on Sunday around Farato village in Kombo Central of West coast region. 
Our correspondent with the United Front tour team says, traffic police men stopped the United Front entourage at the AU High way in order for ruling party to pass.
“After waiting for a few minutes, Halifa Sallah and Henry Gomez got out of their vehicles and asked the truck driver who led the United Front convoy to move and not to go off road.
“As the two convoys came passing through in Yundum, Busumbulla up till Farato village, Halifa Sallah and Henry Gomez disembarked their vehicles marched in front of the United Front convoy.
Our correspondent says, heavily armed security personnel accompanying the president’s tour team, tried to keep the United Front convey off road, but Sallah and Gomez told United Front supporter and militants to follow them and not to go off road. 
Meanwhile, the United Front has admitted fault and apologised during a meeting convened by the electoral commission. 
“We have apologised at the meeting and told them that such an incident will not recur,” Hamat’s representative at the meeting told newsmen. 
In reaction to the incident, the electoral commission on Monday issued a warning that severe disciplinary measures including the disqualification of a candidate will be meted out for recurrence of any incident of that nature. 
The incident was the first of its unfortunate kind since the kick off the campaign on Nov.12. 

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