Saturday, November 19, 2011

APRC Ruling Have Come To an End, Nothing More! Nothing Less!

Hamat NK Bah
The alarm bell has rung in the four corners of The Gambia, as President Yahya Jamme’s ruling under the APRC party in the country for seventeen has come to an end, says Hamat NK Bah Independent Presidential candidate running for the presidency.
“This will the last nomination for Yahya Jammeh to run for presidency seat in the Gambian electoral cycle, come November 24, nothing more, nothing less.” According to Bah, Gambians are now bushed and bothered by the APRC government for the past seventeen years. He said that many people are living in distressed situation.

All these, Bah said many Gambian are getting poorer everyday because of shocking leadership that they are going through, while other are already traumatized by the disturbance forced on them by the APRC  government.  
The APRC government, Bah alleged has failed Gambian extremely for the past seventeen years under President Jammeh’s decree saying that Gambians now need change of government and put in place a new government that can address their desires.
 “I want Jammeh to know that his years are gone and time have come for the United Front to rule the country for five years. In today’s Gambia, Bah said that many Gambians are suffering as a result; they are calling for a change of government through casting their votes for him (Bah) ”
He was speaking on Sunday 13 November to the peoples of Brikama, Serekundanding and Sotokoi all in the Kombo North District, West Coast Region.
United Front was accorded a tremendous welcome as party militants and supporters were chanting songs for alteration of APRC government.
United Front government, bah promises will bring development to the Gambian people and many Gambians will be totally free from injustice saying that “we are all equal in the country and merit handling”
Bah told people of West Coast Region that the APRC government has jailed many Gambian but was quick to say that when United Front comes to power, they will free all political prisoners.
He decries the poor conditions of the prisons and President Jammeh’s interference in the judiciary saying that judges has been sacked on several occasion in the country without been given any reason to justify their sacking.   
Many Gambian are living in exile, some are detained while other are missing, noting that the APRC government has failed Gambians, Independent candidate Bah called for regime by voting massively for him.
For Henry Gomez of GPDP, accused APRC government of said that of turning Gambians into hypocrites and beggars due to the high level of poverty in the country. He said that the United Front government if voted into office will give everyone the opportunity to participate in national development.
Gomez also spoke at length on mass arrest of citizens and detention without trial he positioned that United Front government will bailed Gambians from slavery that they are been subjected to for the past seventeen years.
Halifa Sallah secretary general PDOIS told the rally that the United Front want a better Gambia where by all citizens have equal share in the government. He also spoke on some of the difficulties that Gambians are facing today- high cost of living.
 The importance of elections, Sallah said is to entrust the affairs of the nation to a person to administer noting that people should be wise enough to know whom they cast their votes for a period of five years.
He also blamed Jammeh’s administration for failing Gambian people for the past seventeen years for not providing job opportunities Gambians especially youths.

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