Saturday, November 19, 2011

Halifa Sallah Blames APRC Gov’t for Not Providing Jobs

Halifa Sallah
Addressing party supporters and militants in Sukuta and Brufut, Halifa Sallah secretary general of the Peolpes Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS), told the rally that the APRC government has botched Gambian people by not meeting their needs and aspirations.
These, Sallah said the APRC government did not afford job opportunities for youths of the country under the seventeen years rule. United Front, he said will provide job opportunities for Gambian if voted into office.
Giving figures, Sallah revealed that over one hundred eighty-five thousand (185,000) students are currently enrolled in the primary schools, over sixty thousand (60,000) in the upper basic  and almost thirty thousand 30,000) student are in the senior schools through out the couhtry.

All of the said figures, Sallah said are expected to graduate from schools and be employed but expressed worries that in the next twelve years to come, over three hundred thousand (300,000) students will guaranteed but his fear is where can all these graduates get job opportunities.
He told the rally that the APRC government employs less than thirty thousand (30, 000) while the private sector far twice less that the government figures.
“The government under Yahya Jammeh has not provided job opportunities for Gambian as they lack the know-how and have only added poverty to Gambians”
How will there be any meaningful development if people are not having jobs, he question. Today, he continued, many youths are not getting marriage simple because they are not employed and in fact some of them their father, mothers even grandparents are not having jobs.
United Front government, Sallah said if voted will wipe the tears of Gambian and restore human rights adding that the welfare of the youths and women would be promoted to attain a better life for all Gambians by the United Front government.
 Again, he said the existing bad laws will all be repeals; everybody will be free from all kinds of injustice. The days of impunity will be over saying that the president will not interfere with the matter of the judiciary.
  The National Assemblly members will not be sacked and they will set up what he cescribes propotion respresentation of political parties at the national assembly. Where by women will be elected to National Assembly if if they are illetares simply because I the country we have a hsndful; numbers of women who have good programmes and contribute immensely to the development of the nation if given the opportunity to partiticapte in national debates.
The president will not have the power to sack any body who is serving the government.
Tax payers will know how thweir monies are spend as Natonal assembly members will be empowered to hold and scrutinize the government by keeping it on its toes saying that NAM are watchmen of the nation.
Sallah further stated that under a United Front government, no president will have the powers to dismiss civil servant, judges, magistrates, and National Assembly Members, and that there will be proportional representation in the National Assembly.
Other speakers included Mrs. Amie Sabally, Pa Ebou Secka of Sukuta and Mrs. Amie Sillah, who all expressed the need for a change, saying that Gambians have suffered enough under the APRC regime.

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