Thursday, November 24, 2011

'Hamat NK Bah is a Candidate of all Gambians'

Sidia Jatta

Independent presidential candidate Hamat Bah represents the wishes of all Gambians, and not just his party, NRP, Sidia Jatta re-iterated during rallies in provincial Gambia. 
Mr Jatta, opposition NADD parliamentarian said, Hamat’s candidature is backed by a coalition of four parties – NRP, PDOIS, NADD and GPDP – called United Front. 
“Bah is not a candidate of any single political party but a candidate of the Gambian people as he was elected by the people from all seven regions of the country and that is why he stands as an independent candidate,” Hon. Jatta explained.
He was speaking at rallies in the villages of Julangel, Sareh Bojo, Bansang and Jimara.
According to Jatta, Gambia is in a ditch, and that it is only Gambians that can rescue it from that abyss. But this, he pointed out, can only be done by voting out the APRC government. For him, the APRC government has failed Gambians in bringing about sustainable development to improve their lives.
“The annual national budget is D4.5 billion which should be used to bring about sustainable development and other services such as social amenities that are necessary to end poverty and food insecurity” he added.
He added: “The reason for paying Jammeh D52, 000 as monthly salary excluding other incentives, is for Jammeh to have peace of mind, think positively and plan to bring about sustainable development in the country for the benefit of all.
However, he said, “Jammeh alone sells bread, vegetable oil, rice, beef, sand, gravel, and farm implements. Do you think Jammeh has the time to think about the welfare of Gambians? ‘No’ because he is too busy with his businesses,” Jatta told a cheering crowd of supporters.
Sidia further pointed out that Gambian citizens living in their own country cannot exercise their rights to free speech because of the fear of being arrested.
Jatta called on Gambians to know themselves and their country and then decide who should be entrusted with the affairs of the state in the interest of all.
Jatta urged Gambians to vote for Hamat NK Bah, if they want to bring about meaningful change in The Gambia.
Also addressing supporters, independent candidate Hamat Bah said, “I will not compromise with anyone who wants to jeopardize my victory, and I will not surrender my victory, come 24th November 2011.”
Bah renewed promise to build 20, 000 houses for armed and security services and the civil service on loan basis. He added, that if elected, he will expand the water and electricity system to the other parts of the rural communities.
He also promised to make the best use of the River Gambia by introducing an irrigation system in the country for the farming community all-year-round. 
“No Gambian will be poor or hungry if they are ready to work. It is very easy to do that, this is not a politics talk. The Gambia will be a food self-sufficient nation,” he pledged.

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