Thursday, November 24, 2011

‘I regret voting for APRC’

Henry Gomez

Halifa Sallah and Henry Gomez led United Front entourage touring urban Gambia was accorded a rousing welcome in Nyofelleh village on Sunday.
Various speakers at the villagers pledged their allegiance to the United Front backed independent candidate Hamat Bah in the Nov.24 presidential election. 
Amadou Sowe, a village youth said they will all vote for the opposition alliance saying that they on several occasion have sent information to the United Front to hold rally in Nyfolleh.
“We are convinced that it’s only United Front that can rule this country and make all Gambians proud of their destiny,” said Mr Sowe.
‘We are all behind the United Front, and we will vote massively against Jammeh’s government, come Nov. 24 says Saikouba Jamba, a supporter of APRC who defected to the United Front during the rally. 
Sowe, who claimed to be a former sympathizer of ruling APRC said: “I definitely regretted voting for the ruling APRC for the past elections.
He however pointed out that come Nov. 24, he will undo the wrong by voting out Jammeh.
He also called on his fellow youth and elders of the village to give support to the United Front backed Hamat Bah, saying that if the opposition makes end to Jammeh’s government, the will enjoy lots of developments in the areas.
In a similar meeting held on Saturday in Brusubi Kombo South, Henry Gomez, leader of GPDP told the supporters: “Do you know Yahya Jammeh’s government is to end in 2011? I am telling you it has ended. It will end this election November 24th”.
He added: “Tell me where in the bible or Qur’an it is written that food should be thrown at people. So it is ungodly for his convoy to throw biscuit at people,” he condemned.
For Gomez, president Jammeh’s u-turn is prompted by their alliance. 
In another meeting Ebo town during the weekend, Mr Halifa Sallah, secretary general of opposition PDOIS urged the youth to build interest in the government manner of spending in a bid to hold them accountable.
“300,000 students complete school annually and there are no plans put up by the government to get them all jobs. A government that has too much loans cannot bring development and the conditions of the roads are appalling,” Sallah said.
He said, Gambia is a heavily indebted poor country, adding that productive sectors such as a

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