Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hamat: We’ll Not Surrender Our Victory

United Front leader Hamat Bah

Independent presidential candidate, Hamat Bah has informed a well attended mass political rally in Bundung Borehole that he will under no circumstance surrender his victory to anybody if he emerges winner of the Nov.24 presidential race.
Bah, whose candidature is supported by four opposition political parties - PDOIS, GPDP, NRP and NADD said, Jammeh, who is having a firm grip on power since he took over in 1994 a coup, will be flushed out come Nov. 24.

“Jammeh’s government is in the last legs,” he said, pledging that when he takes office, Gambian people will gasp the fresh air of democracy.
“The ruling APRC is in its final surviving moments and would finally be masked after the presidential elections,” Bah told cheering supporters.
He told the voters to go to the polls early morning and cast their votes. He then salute his supporters for the rousing welcome accorded to him and his delegation, noting that this is a clear testimony that Gambians are following him and are ready to vote for him massively.
He promised to create job opportunities by brining potential investors to The Gambia stating that he (Bah) has the competence as he is an experience businessman.
He said, some of the youths and a good number of women will become engineers, architectures, businessmen/ women among other business folks.
In a jubilant mood, Bah revealed some of his networking with other African, American business tycoons positing that his regime will bring rapid development and he will greatly boost the economy of the country within five years of his leadership.
“If you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what belongs to you and someone can take it from you,” said Halifa Sallah, secretary general of PDOIS.
Sallah told the rally that time has come for them to elect a leader who can serve their interest.
He said that with the United Front, the president will serve for only one term. He also stressed the high level of poverty Gambian are facing saying that everywhere in the country is hard for the people but unless people vote the regime out, the problems would not be solved, but it would increase every day.
Sedia Jatta of NADD spoke at length about the United Front. He assured the rally that all the political parties that come together to formed the United Front are with high hope that they will defeat Jammeh.
He said, the United Front is here to end slavery, injustice and maltreatments that are happening in The Gambia.
For Hamat NK Bah to resigned from the NRP  and stood as an independent candidate, Jatta said clearly shows that Mr. Bah want a change and that can only happen if Gambians vote for him.
When he took his turn, Henry Gomez called on the UDP party leader and its supporter to join the United Front.
Agie Amie Sabally, Lamin Saja Jarju among others all spoke at the rally while calling on Gambian to vote massively for the United Front.

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