Friday, November 18, 2011

Henry: Give Your Votes to Hamat

 GPDP Henry Gomez

The leader and founder of opposition GPDP, Mr Henry Gomez urged Gambians to vote independent presidential candidate, Hamat Bah into office in the Nov24 presidential polls.

Henry, whose party coalesced into a united opposition of four parties that back Hamat Bah’s candidature said, Mr Bah was selected by the whole country to lead the United Front.
He explained that at the end of the first term, the coalition will split and each party will be on its own and campaign for the next presidential election, but no party will serve more than two terms.
According to Gomez, due to overstay in power by many African leaders, Africa is today suffering from all forms of problems.
“The United Front is non ethnic or religious, and its membership encompasses all Gambians,” Gomez said.
He urged Gambians to give their votes to Hamat Bah to effect a change, noting that Gambians are desperate and starving.
“Majority of Gambians households cannot afford three square meals. They are living in abject poverty and there are no drugs in the health centres,” he said.

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