Friday, November 4, 2011

GU Partnership With World Bank on Connect4Climate Project.

Dear leaders,

"I am happy to share this good news with you. Please read and share. We will also appreciate your commends. 
Global Unification the Gambia (GU) has established partnership with the World Bank on their Connect4Climate project. This is a campaign, a competition,dedicated to raising awareness about climate change issues in Africa and around the world. Connect4Climate is engaging African youth, along with partners and individuals interested in the climate dialogue through Facebook, Twitter, other social media channels.  In this partnership GU will incorporate the C4C project into the  Eco Challenge, a climate change education program for young people in the Gambia, motivate young people in the Gambia to participate in C4C project and in return, world bank will feature GU's work in their website, twitter and and facebook,. By this, GU stand a good chance to improve its visiblity and or possibly attract potential funders or partners for its work.
The Connect4Climate Photo/Video Competition is challenging youth, ages 13-35, to share their personal climate change stories and ideas for action within six photo/video categories: agriculture, energy, forests, Gender, Health, and water. Winning entries will be exhibited at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Durban this December and at Rio+20 in June, 2012.
The best entries will receive prizes at a high-profile awards ceremony and will be exhibited at COP17 in Durban. World leaders and prominent climate change thinkers will get a chance to look, listen, and learn about these youth-generated climate stories. You can enter the competition by clicking here or email us your submissions at Deadline: November 15, 2011.
Connect4Climate officially launched six weeks ago on September 21st has now ow more than 48,000 Facebook users follow the Connect4Climate Facebook page, with another 1,500 new followers daily. Furthermore, each week more than 4 million unique Facebook users see content associated with the Connect4Climate Facebook page."
For question, please email: . For inquiries on our local efforts in the Gambia, contact: 
You can also get further information via c4c website: 
Twitter: Connect4Climate or glbgambia
Yours Faithfully

Ebrima S. Dem
National Coordinator  
Global Unification-The Gambia
Suite 106, Plaza office Center
151 Mosque Rd, PMB 496, Serekunda
Tel: 002209807770 ( Gambia) +34652828525 ( Spain) 
Twitter: @glbgambia 
Skype: gu_gambia
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