Friday, November 18, 2011

Hamat: President Jammeh is Finish


The independent presidential candidate in the presidential elections due Thursday said, Gambia’s military turned civilian president Yahya Jammeh is finish.
“I want Jammeh to know that his years are gone and time have come for the United Front to rule this country for five years,” Bah, who has the backing of the alliance of four opposition parties called United Front told a rally in Brikama, the administrative centre of West Coast region of The Gambia.
The outspoken politician who led his party, opposition-NRP in the 1996 and 2006 presidential races decried executive interference in the country’s judiciary under the Jammeh administration.
“Judges have been sacked with no reason being advanced for their sackings. People are missing without trace. Many have been forced into exile and others detained without trial,” Hamat told cheering supporters amid chanting of slogan “all must live.”
He also lamented the poor prison conditions, pledging to release all political prisoners jailed by the Jammeh administration.
The out-spoken politician said signs for the end of Jammeh’s rule have surfaced. “This is Yahya Jammeh’s last run for presidency. Gambian people are bothered and are living in distress for the past 17 years.”
“The APRC government has betrayed Gambian people. This is evident by the rising poverty coupled with poor governance system entrenched by the APRC administration.”
The independent candidate was overwhelmingly elected this month by representatives of four opposition political parties: PDOI), NRP, GPDP,and NADD at Laico, Atlantic hotel, Banjul.
Henry Gomez, is the leader and founder of GPDP, one of the opposition parties in the alliance.
He said, the United Front, if voted into office, will ensure the participation of every Gambian in national development, arrest the alarming rate of poverty that reduced Gambians to hypocrites and beggars.
Gomez also spoke at length on themass arrests of citizens and detention without trial stressing that the United Front government will salvage Gambians from slavery that they are subjectedto for the past 17 year rule of Jammeh.
A revered politician cum sociologist,Halifa Sallah of PDOIS party, told party militants that the United Frontenvisages a better Gambia whereall citizens have equal share in the government.He also spoke on the skyrocketing of basic commodities.
The relevance of elections, Sallah said, is to entrust the affairs of the nation to a person to administer it for five years while advising the electorate to be wise enough in casting their votes for that one candidate.
Sallah blamed the Jammeh’s administration for abdicating its responsibility to providing jobs for the youth who he said, out of desperation, risks their lives for better life through dangerous sea journey to Europe.

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