Thursday, November 24, 2011

We’ll Drink Coffee at State House, UDP diehard assured Darboe

UDP leader, Ousainou Darboe

DAILY NEWS:Main opposition-UDP campaign caravan was on Sunday accorded a rousing welcome by the people of provincial Upper River region.
Addressing rallies at Basse, administrative centre of URR and other villages in URR, Darboe told them that that region is a farming community, but the ruling party is yet to address their needs as farmers. 
Darboe added that, business is no longer lucrative because president Jammeh is bullying ordinary locals out of business. The UDP leader said, Jammeh’s 17 year rule only brought about miseries for Gambians. 
Mai Fatty, leader of GMC told the gathering the country needs change which, he believes can be done by UDP. 
Fatty implored on the youth to bear in mind challenges they are facing – unemployment and deny Jammeh their votes. 
Also speaking, Babanding K.K Daffeh, National Assembly member for Kiang Central constituency highlighted the high level of poverty, among others.
Speaking on behalf of URR youth, Alasan Susso said, no improvement has been made in their lives since Jammeh took over 17 years ago. He alleged that the health centre in Basse has no adwquate medical supply.
“Patients are always referred to the pharmacy to buy their prescribed drugs with huge amount of money,” he told the rally. 
At the Numuyel meeting, Alhagie Sedia Jatta, a UDP strong man at the area reaffirmed Numeyel’s loyalty to UDP.
“Come Nov. 24, we will drink coffee in State House,” he assured the UDP presidential candidate Ousainou Darboe.

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