Thursday, November 24, 2011

Re-electing Jammeh Will Be Greatest Mistake

Mai Fatty

 DAILY NEWS: Founding leader of opposition-GMC, who throws weight behind opposition heavyweight, UDP said, renewing the mandate president Jammeh will be the greatest mistake Gambians dare not to make come Nov.24. 
Mai Fatty said: “Gambian youth are jobless because of the APRC administration. There is skyrocketing of the prices basic commodities and no respect for human rights. 
Mai was addressing supporters on Sunday at Bansang where over 170 APRC militants claimed to have defected to UDP. 
He hailed the communities in the Central and Upper River regions for realizing what he referred to as the “weakness” of the ruling APRC party.
Stressing that the aim of their campaign is to salvage Gambia, come the 24th November presidential election, Fatty called on party loyalists, sympathizers and Gambians in general to vote for a UDP-led alliance as it is the only party that could wipe out their tears.
“Ousainou Darboe is the man who is ready to uplift Gambians out of poverty, and has mercy and respect for human dignity,” he said.
According to him, the struggle for freedom and dignity will continue as long as this country is in a state of fear.
He outlined, among others, the need for respect for rule of law, development with dignity, democracy, good governance, youth employment and agriculture as top priorities for the UDP.
Noting that he has trust and confidence in the leadership of the UDP, Mai added that his party joined the UDP in order to save The Gambia from its current state.
He called on regional governors to stop intimidating voters ahead of the polls, noting that people cannot be forced to vote for a system that has nothing to do with their welfare.
“Voting for the APRC will be the greatest mistake Gambians will make, come 24th November,” he said, adding further that their target as an alliance is to tackle the problems facing the economy and create  a youth entrepreneurship fund, among others.
Also speaking at the rally, presidential aspirant Ousainu Darboe called on the people of CRR to vote for him and the UDP/GMC/PPP Alliance in order for them to be free from Jammeh’s mal-administration and to reclaim their dignity and sovereignty.
Said Darboe: “We all know that the present Gambian situation needs to change and no one can do that well than the electorate.
‘‘If we want to have a peace of mind, we should make concerted efforts to unseat Jammeh from power as he has done more harm than good during his seventeen year rule. ‘’Darboe charged.
According to Darboe, the globe is changing and the wind of that change has started blowing in the Gambia. 
He advised the people to come out in their large numbers to vote on Election Day in order to end the bad governance system in The Gambia. ‘‘Abstaining from voting means you are creating an avenue for a bad government to continue’’, he said, noting that what matters much is for you, the people, to vote against Jammeh and vote for me for development with dignity and to be liberated from all forms of maltreatment by the Jammeh government.

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