Monday, February 28, 2011

International Summer Camp Opens for Registration

The project goal of the fifth International Summer Camp is to Enhance political and cultural tolerance that contribute to the socioeconomic empowerment of all people and promoting the value of life towards the realization of the culture of peace and Non-violence for the children of the world by this year.
 The fifth International edition is expecting to attract one hundred and fifty (150) Youths and people working with young people is slated for 15th –30th July 2011 at The Gambia College (Brikama Campus) in West Coast Region. With the theme “Searching for Peace in Africa.”

Fatty Ponder Over Traditional Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- "Before the advent of the statutory laws, there exist traditional laws in most African societies. "These societies create and empower a recognize body in the community to rule justice and solve conflicting issues whenever they arise by their own traditional mechanisms says Mr. Seedy Fatty Faculty member of Peace Ambassadors The Gambia.   
According to him, groups and societies had disputed and competed or struggled against one another over scarce commodities and resources, land, money, political power, and ideology, adding that in most cases it resulted to conflict in the communities but was quick to say that they solve the conflict traditional ways.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gambia Gov't Says 'Gaddafi must go'

The Government of the Gambia Wednesday night issued a statement calling on Libyan leader Colonel Maummar Gaddafi to spare the lives of Libyans by stepping down immediately.
The statement on national television, which covered the current crisis in the Middle East and Ivory Coast, was read by Dr Njogu L. Bah, Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service.
Government blames Gaddafi for not only betraying the trust of the African people, but of his own people by working against them, stressing that the show of ingratitude for the love and support Libyans gave him for 42 years warrants that he must go.

Friday, February 25, 2011

About The Fifth International Youth Summer School on Peace

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- Peace Ambassadors The Gambia (PAG) is an international Peace advocacy organization established in the Gambia on 17th May 2001. Since the inception of the organization it has carried out series of programmes and activities both in and outside the Gambia which are all geared towards making the world a better place for human survival. 
 In this respect, among others an International camp also referred to as International Youth Summer School was well thought of where youths will gather to acquire knowledge and skills needed to develop an aptitude for peace building, to discuss issues affecting them and map out strategies of resolving them. 

Peace Ambassadors Brief Press on 2010-2011 Recruitment Process

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The Youth Ambassadors of Peace (YAP) which has now undergo a name change, known as peace Ambassadors the Gambia. On Tuesday 22 February 2011, held a press conference at their faculty in Kanifing, the purpose of the press conference was to informed Journalist about their 2010-2011 recruitment process, by the orgaisations. 
 In his welcoming remarks, Mamadou Edrisa Njie of Peace Ambassadors The Gambia, noted that the main purpose of press conference is to brief journalists the 2010-2011 recruitment process adding that each group was ask also tasked with the responsibility to developed and implement an action plan, of at least one peace education activity in their communities either individually or collectively before being officially graduated, as ambassador members and join the crusade of peace building, and maintenance in the Gambia and beyond. 

Freedom of Expression- Personal Development, Political Consciousness

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The pursuit of freedom of expression is not a campaign against a government and does not pose a threat to secutiry of a country, but an essential component in any democratic process, Any attempt to curtail press freedom is essentially aimed at silencing the people. Press freedom one can described as vital part of every democracy and is intrinsically linked to the concept of human rights.
  Therefore, any attack on the media in The Gambia are indeed targeted at keeping Gambian and people residing in The Gambia in the dark and in addition, trempling on their fundamental human rights.
 In The Gambia, the people need a free and independent press for freedom, development and peace and justice in their every day lives. As the saying goes, without freedom of the press, journalists could not report on either the promotion of human rights or violation of rights taken by state authorities.
 Any state that calls itself a democratic state need to recognise and value the important of the press as journalists are instrumental link between information and citizens by shaping public opinion.


NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The Gambia Natinal Commission for UNESCO/ NATCOM has given the Ebujan Theatre Troupe US $20,000  for a dramatic presentation project entittle the “Chains of Inspiration” which will runs for three months.
 Chains of Inspiration, aacrding to the Ebunjan Theatre Troupe, Artistic Director Janet Bajan- Young, protays on the Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade explaining that the Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade play will highlight the historical situations and events during that period; Africa before the slave trade, the tragedy of human traffickin, and the contribution of former slaves to the development of Africa, Europe and America.
 She continued; “ our people (slaves from Africa), make a great contribution to Europe and America in their socio economic development.”

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

46 Years Of Gambian Independence

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA(MB)- One can say that some of us, like this editor--who can be said to have the good fortune of seeing and experiencing living in The Gambia in both the colonial days and since the attainment of nationhood by this country--are better placed than most to look back over the whole period of 46 years of Gambian independence, and to therefore comment meaningfully on it.
We shall do this now against the backdrop of the Herculean task the asccesion to independence entailed at that time of a less enlightened international community, a bi-polar world circumscribed by the struggle for ideological hegemony and by the ‘cold war’ between East and West, indeed a world that was then unaccustomed to the concept of a mini-state being accepted on equal terms in the comity of nations.  In fact, our struggle for and our attainment of independence in 1965 was not far removed from when UK  Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a world leader of his times, could unabashedly state that, he did not become Prime Minister only for him to oversee the desolution of His Majesty’s dominions abroad.
If it was easy for such sentiments to be expressed without raising eye brows then, and this was at a time when countries like India were in the thick of the fight for their independence from British colonial rule, one can imagine the kind of reception that would be given to  the status and prospects for the question of  Gambians striving for their independence.  But as can be seen in any objective review of the politics of the period since then, the power of ideas, like truth, not only prevails at the end, but it conquers all.

Minister Sillah says grow of a country can take place in harmony

The minister of forestry and environment, Jatto Sillah has noted tht, it must be admitted that the growth of a country can take place in harmony with the environment. A long-term integrated approach to sustainability coupled with good governance will help the country reap high dividends. 
The Gambian Environment Minister made these remarks on Saturday 19 February 2011, at the Gambega’s waste water treatment launching in Kanifing . 
He added that, people congregate in countries and cities because of the promise of a better life that cities offer. “It is our collective responsibility therefore to live up to this promise and build livable and sustanable towns and cities in the Gambia that will enhance the well-being of people all over our country,” the minister noted. 

Gambia Celebrates it 46th Independence

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- 18th  February 2011, The Gambia marks its 46th Independence anniversary with joy of freedom and nationhood. On 18 February 1965, celebrations began that very day with lowering of the Union Jack, for the last time, and replaced with the last time, and replaced with the red, white, blue, and green, national flag of the Gambia.
  According to historians, all this happened at the McCarthy Square (now 22nd July Square), where the band played “God save the queen”. The around remain silence all the while. And while the British officials shed tears, the people of the reality liberated nation cheered, inspired by the euphonic feeling of the promises that come along with independence and the Gambia national Anthem took the Air. 
 Reading a statement on behalf the President of the Republic of The Gambia at the Serekunda mini stadium the mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council, Yankuba Kolley said that the objective of the government, is and will always be to make the Gambia the best country, in the whole world placing his faith and conviction in greatness, and Benevolence of the Almighty Allah and a united and patriotic honest citizenry. 

Two Million US Dollars Waste Water Launched Project

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- A waste water treatment plant project with worth two million US Dollars was on Saturday 19 February 2011, inaugurated by Gambega Limited, in Kanifing. A member of the prestigious group equatorial coco-cola Bottling company, and the coco-cola company. According to officials on the day of inauguration, the purpose is to ensure environmental protection, reduce water usage through Recycling and provide clean renewal source of Energy. 
Addressing the gathering at the launching ceremony, the Gambega Country Manager Felix Gomis said that, the project is important because the well-being, of everyone on the planet depends, on the creation of a clean environment. He added that, this waste water treatment plant has a capacity of 110m3 a day and, the resultant of this treated water can help for irrigating, and farming the agricultural land. “As we gather to mark the completion of our grant project, I believe it  would be a good plat form to talk about beeping promises.” 

Disaster Risk Reduction Advocacy Meeting in Banjul

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- Disaster can take many forms, man-made and natural, but most of them are water and climate related and largely link to climate change, the worsen form of disaster in recent times inTthe Gambia are link to heavy water down pours and logging causing loss of human lives and properties and more so the inconviniency of mobility.
 This was the subject of discussion from 9-10th February 2011 at the Boabab Hotel in Banjul, was the subject that  on the subject that journalists from both print and electronic media, the security forces ponder over. 
In his remarks, at the opening of the meeting, the Chief of Defence Staff of The Gambia Arm Forces, General Masaneh Kinteh said that the workshop is timely because its brings the attention of the participants to the issue of disaster reduction in world , in the country saying that disasters are becoming incresingly many are now more vulnerable to all sorts of disasters be it natural or man-made.
He urged participants to use the experience in the last rainy season in the country, so as to take the workshop seriously as the country has witnessed many floods in all the regions.

Gambia: Worse Form of Disaster is Heavy Water Pours, Logging

Mr. Abdou  B Touray the National Consultant on Disaster Risk Reduction (DAR), while presenting his paper on linking Disaster Risk Reduction on poverty reduction strategies and the United Nations Development Framework (UNDAF),  at Disaster Risk Reduction Advocacy Training for the media practitioners and security officers, has said that the most form of disaster in the Gambian soil is heavy pours, logging among others.
He was presenting a paper at a two days workshop organized by the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) from 10th- 11th February 2011 at Baobab in Bijilo Hotel in Banjul. 
  Mr. Touray said that disaster are fast becoming more diverse and complex in modern times adding that "looking at what is happening at the world, in Africa and in particular in The Gambia to be specific.
  He said all the regions in the country are affected directly or indirectly causing uncomfortable agony to the environment, human life, livestock and victims alike. Disasters do not only concern the poor but the non poor also as it wash out all accumulated assets of the even well off in society and can draw back economic development of any country."

NAWEC Faces Stiff Resistance From Public

According to NAWEC management the company is currently under extreeme financial difficulties to sustain the operation of NAWEC. This according to the is due to its ever increasing cost of both light and heavy fuel adcibricants, increasing cost of energy purchased from the IPP (generating capacity) and high operational costs resulting them to short term borrowing from commercial banks at exerbitant cost. 
 With this regards NAWEC on the 27th of December 2010 applied for an initial tariff increase of about 31% for electricity, and cost recovery for water ed sewage services in the city Banjul. PURA found the initial application to be satisfactory for most of the data required to compute NAWEC’s proposed tariff. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Donors’ Pledge Amounted D5, 114,000.00

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The maiden National Assembly donors’ roundtable conference to mobilize resources and solicit donor support for the successful implementation of the Strategic Development and Investment Plan (SDIP) 2010-2014 has ended with ample pledge from only local and individuals’ donors, while for the bilateral and international donors they have not made any pledge during the meeting, all what they did was just to make statement saying that they are in support of the project but without pumping money.
The high-level aid conference gears to mobilize resources and solicit donor support for the successful implementation of the Strategic Development and Investment Plan (SDIP) 2010-2014, and was held at the Kairaba Beach Hotel outskirt of Banjul on the 16th February, 2010.   .

Citizens Voice Dissatisfaction with NAWEC, NAWEC Replies " OUr Account Books Are Red"

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- In exercising their citizen’s rights, peoples from all walk of lives that gathered at the Father Farrell Memorial Hall, Westfield, on 12th February, 2011, expressed their dissatisfaction with the National Water and Electricity Company popularly called NAWEC at a Public Hearing.
 At the hearing, NAWEC proposed tariff incensement of 31 percent on electricity, water, and sewages in the country was turn down by citizens.
The company’s Deputy Director Mr. Ebrima Sanyang says “we want to increased the tariff because the price of heavy and light fuel has been increasing in the world market for many years,” he added, “in the country, for the past years we have not been increasing our tariff with is making us to loss huge sum of money.”

Mass Campaign for 700,000 LLINs

Gambian Vice President Dr. Aja Isatou Njie – Saidy on behalf of president Jammeh on the 10 February 2011 at the July 22 square in Banjul Launched the mass ddistribution of Long Lasting Insecticide treated Bed Nets (LLINS). Njie Saidy says “I am singularly honored to launched on behalf of president Jammeh to first nationwide treated Bed nets to Gambians”, as part of Gambia government’s commitment to eradicate malaria. According to her, this number represents the first batch of nets to be supplied directly to all households- adding that the second batch will be 1.5 million nets that, she medical Health facilities. She recalled:” one of the hall marks of the country’s development agenda has always been to wage hear against all diseases, especially the preventable diseases that include the “killer” malaria diseases. “my declaration” operation Eradicate Malaria,” and the subsequent implementation of Indoor residual spraying across the country, demonstrate the commitment of the Gambia government in this important direction”.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Having Gambian Passport Is a Previlege -Reveals Immigration PRO

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- Mr. Ensa Jawara the public relation officer of The Gambia Immigration department has revealed that for people to have Gambian passport especially Gambians is a previlage not a rights that is guaranteed in the Gambian constitution.
Justifying his statement, Jawara reads the caution written on The Gambian passport, which reads: “this passport remains the property of the government of the Republic of The Gambia and may be withdrawn at any time. “It is a valuable document and should not be altered in any way or allowed to pass into the possession of an authorized person.”
Mr. Jawara was speaking on Sunday 13th February, 2010 at the Brikama Red Cross office in West Coast Region at a forum organized by the Youth Ambassadors of Peace West Coast Region Zone.
In his own interpretations, the Gambian passport belong to the government of The Gambia and can be withdrawn from any person who is found wanting revealing that Gambian passport is accepted worldwide, while calling on holders of the passport to be ambassadors of the country wherever they are in the world.
Jawara says, “Once a person is given the passport, he or she is representing the Gambian people as the document belongs to The Gambia adding that holders of the document should promote the good image of the country.”

Monday, February 14, 2011

Peace Ambassadors Holds Discourse on Immigration, Drugs Related Issues

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The Youth Ambassadors of Peace (YAP) West Coast Region Zone on Sunday 13th February, 2011 held a discourse on Immigration mode of operations, and drugs related issues for the benefit of the young people in The Gambia.

A good number of YAP members, youth organizations, security personnel’s from different units, individuals among others gathered under one roof at the Brikama Red Cross Branch Office in West Coast Region.
In welcoming the gathering, Baboucarr Sambou Chairperson of West Coast Region, spoke at length on the importance of the forum saying that ‘”we deem it necessary to organized the forum to abreast young people an in-depth knowledge on Immigration laws, how they issued national documents, and drug abuse and trafficking as they are affecting young people in their daily lives.” Giving background information of PAG, Sambou said the organization is a youth service organization established in the Republic of The Gambia on the 17th May 2001.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

GAVI Support Pneumonia Conjugate Vaccine in Kenya

New tool to fight pneumonia in children in developing countries set for Kenya launch
Kenya, with the support of the GAVI Alliance is set to roll out pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) routinely throughout all health facilities with the aim of saving lives of thousands of infants from death and illness due to pneumococcal disease.
The ceremonial shots against pneumococcal diseases (mainly consisting of pneumonia and meningitis) will take place on Monday February, 14 when Kenya marks the global roll-out of vaccines targeting world’s biggest killer of children -- pneumonia.
    “Introducing the new pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in developing countries is a critical step that can prevent millions of bouts of illness and countless deaths in children from the terrible disease that pneumonia is”, said Helen Evans, Interim CEO of GAVI Alliance at a global media briefing on Friday in Geneva. 

UNESCO condemns murder of Egyptian journalist Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud

PARIS, France, February 11, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova today condemned the murder of Egyptian journalist Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud, who died of his wounds on 4 February. He was shot in the head on 29 January while covering the protests that began on 25 January in Cairo.
“I condemn the murder of journalist Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud,” said the Director-General. “Violence against journalists represents an attack on the basic right of freedom of expression and therefore a direct threat to democracy. Media professionals must be able to work in safety in order to nurture free and independent debate. I count on the Egyptian authorities to do all they can to shed light on this murder and bring the culprits to justice.”

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Root Festival Encourage Sharing Values and Experience– President Jammeh

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The International Roots Festival that was established in 1996 by Presidents government to forge closer ties with Africans in the Diaspora for meaningful co–operation and development, whilst promoting international cultural understanding and peace, the 10th Edition was official opened in Banjul. 
  President Yahya AJJ Jammeh, declared the 10th Edition opened in Banjul on the 5th February 2011 at the July 22 square in presence of Gambian vice president, Carbinet Ministers speaker of the house, National assembly members, Diplomatic and Consular Corps, Mayors, Service Chiefs, youths, African Diaspora, women groups among others.        According to Jammeh, the Roots festival has attracted hundreds of Africans in the Diaspora to the Gambia, to reconnect with their African ancestry. 
   He added: ‘this festival encourages sharing of values and experience as well as appreciating Africa’s rich and unique cultural heritage”. Meanwhile, the roots festival also provides an opportune moment for reminding our selves about the daunting challenges that we face in our collective drive to transform the African continent into a bastion of hope economic prosperity, peace and dignity”. 

Longer Lives, Better Health – UNDP 2010 Report

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)-According to the Human Development report 2010, the real wealth of nations, pathway to Human Development 20 Anniversary Edition. Published by the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), many countries have achieved large gains in life expectancy. A baby born today, in almost any country can expect to live longer than at any time in history. 
 The report indicated that, life expectancy has risen most in the Arab states, by more than eighteen years since 1970 (just more than a third). Even in Sub Saharan Africa, life expectancy is more than eighteen years longer than in 1970. And increases in longevity were more than twice as rapid in the bottom quarter of countries distribution than in the top quarter. 

‘Massive Budget Deficit’ Makes UK Government Shift Visa Process

NEWS Banjul the gambia (MB)- The British High Commission in The Gambia in concurrence in the company of the United Kingdom Border Agency with upshot from Thursday 17th February, 2011, will legitimately slam its Visa Section in Banjul, and their office in Accra, Ghana will process all visas.
This latest shift was made well-known to journalists at a press conference held at the High Commission conference hall in Faraja on the 4th February, 2011.
 Speaking to journalists, Mr. Ian Underhill, Regional Entry Clearance Manager told journalists that with effect from February 17th, all visa process in the Banjul will come to an end as their new office in Accra will process visa applications.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Youths Venturing into Second Hand Trade

The overcrowded population of  Serrekunda market owes much to the large number of   young people who are simply  buying and selling  second hand goods--mobile phones, gold, jewelry  and other items. These can be  seen at all corners of the market searching selling their wares to  interested individuals as they strive to earn a living.
This trade, according to sources, has been on-going for years, involving different nationalities and tribes who all manage to mix together as they strive to meet their customers demands.  According to  a Nigerian national, Mr. Christ Brown, who has for two years now taken part in the trading at the market,  it calls for much   sacrifice, at  gaining and losing,  to meet the customers’ demands. 

A look at Media Security and Freedom

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA(MB)- It is no news to state that Journalists in The Gambia are faced with enormous challenge in doing their job. In the Gambia, under President Yahya AJJ Jammeh’s government, journalist working for the independent media has been facing lots of harassment, including torture, unlawful detentions, and numerous threats for doing their work, and considered by the government to be very critical is a deep rooted report in the country. Others have been exiled, missing and killed in addition to the closure of media houses both print and electronic who are viewed critical to government.This has made it difficult to see the private sector giving the media the regard it deserved when all the lineup of the government arms (Executive, Parliament and the Judiciary) are constantly hostile to the media.

MoBSE Welcomes Pearson Education Company, As It Has Great Potential Says PS Bouye

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- Pearson Education, a printing and publishing company with 37,000 employees in mor than 60 countries, has been officially launched in The Gambia. The launching was held on the 4th February, 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel and Spa in Brufut, which was attended by officials of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, Pearson Gambian partners Toplink Company, Local Publishers, Gambia Association Writers, Authors, Educationists, Press among others at a colorful ceremony. 
  Officially launching Pearson company in The Gambia on behalf of the minister of Basic and Secondary Education, Permanent Secretary Mr. Baboucarr Bouye says “with such an experience and range of services Pearson provides, I have no doubt that Pearson Education has a great potential to participate in the printing and publishing services that the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education will need from time to time.”
According to Bouye, the launching follows after the company won a id to print and publish the new set of grade 7-9 mathematic and English textbooks adding that “ as I am speaking here, the books has already been delivered and I am happy to say that the quality of the books is satisfactory.”


NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The Gambia Young Men Christian Council Associations (YMCA) through its Big Lottery Fund (BLF) funded project recently organised national capacity building workshop at the paradise suites hotel. Participants were youth advocates, local government authorities, national assembly memebers, coummunity leaders, parents and the media. 
The workshop was designed with the view to galavnize support in addressing the youth employment scourge and its courses ponding challenges, Mr. Joseph Peacock YMCA  programs secretary/ BLF funded project coordinator disclosed while giving the national object of the workshop. 
      According to Peacock since 2008, the Big Lottery Fund has been engaging in such workshops adding that "our BLF funded project youth advocates have never failed to impress me with their dynamism and dedication. 
"I have the privilege and pleasure to work with a dynamic talented and nationally experienced youth advocates in each of the regions in he country."Together we have focused our efforts on expanding and improving the lives of marginalized young people by encouraging them to take part in the ongoing vocational skills training."

A look at Media Security and Freedom

It is no news to state that Journalists in The Gambia are faced with enormous challenge in doing their job. In the Gambia, under President Yahya AJJ Jammeh's government, journalist working for the independent media has been facing lots of harassment, including torture, unlawful detentions, and numerous threats for doing their work, and considered by the government to be very critical is a deep rooted report in the country. Others have been exiled, missing and killed in addition to the closure of media houses both print and electronic who are viewed critical to government.This has made it difficult to see the private sector giving the media the regard it deserved when all the lineup of the government arms (Executive, Parliament and the Judiciary) are constantly hostile to the media. Infact reports have indicated that “the liberty of the Gambian press has been rendered a mockery and delusion and the phrase itself and by word because if everyone is at liberty to publish harmless publication, the authorities would not punish him or her”. These realities in no doubt posed a huge obstacle  for the emerging and young journalists who are filled with passion and commitment to push the pen and or spit into the microphone and excel in this noble profession to conform their desire, talent and skills in the interest of the society.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gambia International Airlines Made D6.53 Milion Pre-Tax Loss

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The Gambia International Airlines (GIA), Boss Bakary Nyasi has clearly indicated that GIA has made a pre-tax loss of 6.53m for the period ended 31 December 2009, compared to a pre-tax loss of D24.5m in 2008 according to him, this improvement is partly attributed to the termination of the management contract with as Aviation in July 2008 and the consequent non-payment of the management fees. Turnover increased to D164.0m in 2009 or by 149% from 2008, this increase in turnover is due to the revenue collected from the centralization of Hajj with GIA. Mr. Nyassi made these remarks on Thursday 27 January 2011 at the national Assembly, while presenting the GIA 2008-2009 Annual Report, before the public account and public enterprises committee of the house. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Gambians Are Lazy Black Monkeys" landed Indian Businessman in Court

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- Indian Businessman residing in The Gambia by the name Mr. Mahesh . D. Bhojwani has been taken to court, and was accused of using abusive words to one Isatou Singhateh a Gambian saying that Gambians are lazy "black monkeys".  Mr. Bhojwani after hearing the particulars to read to him at the Kanifing Magistrates Court yesterday. He was arraigned before Acting Principal Magistrate Sherrif B Tibally of the Kanifing Court.
According to the particulars, Mr. Mahesh . D. Bhojwami after on or about the 29th January 2011 along the Sayerr Jobe Avenue in the Kanifing Minicipality of the Republic of The Gambia, while in such a public place uses abusive words to Isatou Singhateh saying that Gambians are lazy 'black monkeys", which irritated your staff in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace hereby committed on offence. He pleaded not guilty. 
Testifying before the court, Isatou Singhateh told the court that she is a business women living in Banjul Tobacurote. Adding that she is a customer to the accused person and her sister also works for the accused person. She said that she can fully remember the 29th January, 2011 when after the monthly cleanig exercise (setsetal), the accused called her asking whether her sister is at home. 

World Youth Unemployment Has Soared with 88.2 Million Unemployed Youths Now Lamented Ibrahim Ceesay

NEWS BANJUL THE GAM,BIA (MB)- Mr. Ibrahim Ceesay Social Justice cum Youth Activist has decries the situation of youth unemployment in the Gambia, Africa and the world at large. “Youth unemployment has soared in the last decades by reaching its highest record with expectation of even higher increment in 2010, and the trend is believe by many to continue in 2011,” Ceesay said. 
  He was speaking as panelist at a recent three days national capacity building workshop on the theme “Right Based Approach to Employment and Economic Justice”. The workshop was organised by the Gambia Young Men Christian Associations (YMCAs) through Big lottery fund project in Life Skills and Enterprised Development at the Paradise Suites Hotel. 

Social Development Fund Striving For Betterment

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The government of The Gambia in its effort to strengthen the micro-finance sector has, under  its  poverty alleviation strategy, received a  from the African Development Bank (ADB), to implement Entrepreneurship Promotion and Micro-finance Development (EDMDP) in the Gambia, Social Development Fund (SDF) is tasked to execute the project in the country. 
The project was earliar on  launched in all the regions by the executing body, Social Development Fund (SDF.

Gambia: Why Freedom of Information Act ?

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The Gambia is among countries that do not have freedom of information in their stature books. There is no law on freedom of information in the Gambia that gives everyone especially the journalists the right to access information held by public bodies and even by private bodies in the country. 
 Freedom of information if enacted public bodies and private bodies will be emboldens to give out information to the media with out information to the media with out fear of reprisal. With freedom of information Act, journalist from both public and private media will have access to information from the government, to inform the masses. That will no doubt lead to enlighten society, which in turn consolidate or promote democracy and good governance, peace and stability, accountability and rule of law. 

Climate Change May Make Future Difficult For Billion

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- World population is forecast to reach nine billion by 2050 with almost all the growth in developing countries. Therefore, climate change may be the single factor that makes the future difficult, impending the continuing progress in human development that history would lead us to expect, according to the Human Development Report 2010. The reported added without migration the population of developed countries world peak in 2020 and shrink somewhat over the following three decades. 
   These report went on, changing demographics along with rising income, will have consequences for natural resources and the environment. While international agreements have been generally show, to broad consensus is clear: climate change is happening, and it can derail human development.       

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UK Visa Applications To Be Forward To Accra

The following press release on application for UK visas by Gambian was issued by the British High Commissioner in Banjul, in a media dispatch. Below is the full text of the release.

UK Border Agency / Change in internal procedures for assessing visas
The British High Commission in conjunction with the United Kingdom Border Agency wishes to announce that effect from Monday 21 February 2011 the internal processes for assessing visa application will be amended.  

Gamtel Takes Giant Leap in Telecoms

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The Gambia Telecommunication Company Gamtel been the fist in the telecommunication industry in the Gambian soil has made another giant leap in the industry by providing internet services for its customers. The 3G services goes with three different product ranging from 3G Express USB Stick, 3G Nafaa USB Modem and the 3G Bantaba Wireless Router. In addition, Gamtel is currently having three Jamano products in the market that is Jamano Data, Jamano EV-DO Card and Jamano EV-DO Terminal all of the said products is to enhance the speed and capacity of the 3G network. 
The new products Gamtel, caters for all groups of  customers, and was officially launched at the Gamtel main house in Banjul on the 26th January 2011. 

'Smiling Coast of Africa, Not Been Smiling Coast for Journalists'

Under the leadership of President Yahya Jammeh, since 1994 to date, for more than a decade, Gambian journalists have battle for their liberty as guaranteed by the Gambian constitution in the face of threats against press freedom. The private media are actually at logger heads with the government. From 1994 to date, the Gambian media is infact one of the sectors that has encounter the severest forms of impunity in the Gambian soil.
    The situation of the media in The Gambia has been an issue of concern to press freedom activists in Africa and around the globe. This is particularly worrisome when one considers the fact that Gambia hosts the secretariat of the regions human rights body the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR). A country that plays such a role in the promotion and protection of human rights, one expects the country to be a beacon freedom, but unfortunately this has not been the case for the Gambia government.

Senior Public Relations Manager ponder Over National Provident, Federated Pension Funds

At a one day-long sensitization workshop organised by the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) on the 27th January 2011 at the SSHFC conference hall in Banjul, The senior public relations manager of SSHFC gave are background information on the National Provident and Federated Pension Fund.
In a power point presentation, Mr. Raymond Njai, senior public relations manage who presented on the on the The National Provident Fund (NPF), said purposely, the fund is to provide some measures as a result of specified contingencies: old age, premature retirement, retirement on grounds of marriage (female only), invalidity, death and now redundancy. 

MD; 'SSHFC/Media's Relationship Is Symbolic'

The Managing Director of Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC), Mr. Tumbul Danso has given credit and acknowledge the role of the media's contribution towards national building especially to his corperation.
SSHFC boss was speaking to a group of journalists from both the print and electronic media at a day-long sensitization workshop on the 27th January 2011, organizes by SSHFC at their conference hall in Banjul.