Friday, February 25, 2011


NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The Gambia Natinal Commission for UNESCO/ NATCOM has given the Ebujan Theatre Troupe US $20,000  for a dramatic presentation project entittle the “Chains of Inspiration” which will runs for three months.
 Chains of Inspiration, aacrding to the Ebunjan Theatre Troupe, Artistic Director Janet Bajan- Young, protays on the Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade explaining that the Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade play will highlight the historical situations and events during that period; Africa before the slave trade, the tragedy of human traffickin, and the contribution of former slaves to the development of Africa, Europe and America.
 She continued; “ our people (slaves from Africa), make a great contribution to Europe and America in their socio economic development.”

 The latest information was made known to journalists at a press conference held at the TANGO conference hall on the 15th February, 2011.
 According to her, the Ebunjan Theatre Troupe is the executing arm of the Ebunjan Performing Arts Association adding that they are an non-governmental organisation founde in 2002, with a mission to develop and provide culture as a viable means for employment.
 Bajan- Young noted that the troupe is here to help performing artists saying that with their commitment and hard work in the area of threatre, they have trained many young Gambian.
She disclosed that with the US $20,000, a mini modern threatre is under construction at the Kanifing Institutional area adding that “if completed, the mini- modern threatre will have facilities like reshal hall, toilets, dressing and bath rooms, acting area among other halls. 
Accordingly, the project will not only provide space for training of talented youths and children, but will also serve as a prosessional value for the arts,” she pointed out.
 She noted that the project needs young people because theyhave teachers to be teahing them dancing, acting, and drama saying that dancing, drama, and dancing is a noble profession like any other profession on earth that one can earn living.
She addded: “it is a noble profession, that is why we are training young ones as it all gears to develop and shape their future, in fact for the whole of my life am in this nolbe profession,” she revealed.
 According to her, the training will begin in April 2001 and the professional training is being offered to prepared actors for the presentation in June 2011.
 “There will also be an option for the young ones to either continue training and working with the Ebunjan Theatre Troupe under the direction of herself.”
 She emphasised that the projet is looking for young people who are commitmented, have passion for the profession, be punctual during tha training sessions adding that they must hold confident because self confident makes someone very active in society,
 According to Janet-Young, they do threatre as it is a means of communication stating that song, music, dancing, speaking is all body movement in threatre.
 Taking his turn, was Mr. Ibrahim Ceesay member of the Ebunjan Threatre troupe saying that the criticial they are looking for is youths or children who with passion, who can dance, communicate effectively, be commited to the profession, flexible always and willing to learn for weeks, and later be an agent of change in the Gambian society.
 He continued: “we are also looking for youths and children who can be team players, fluent in english language, and other local languages spoken in the country citing mandinka, and wollof as an examle.”
According to Ceesay, youths orchildren who are energetic and are willing to pause dancing, drama and music as a caceer, noting that soon forms will be avaiable for interested individuals to apply, irrespective of race, tribe, religion, nationality, sex or creed.
 Ceesay disclosed that hey will start with 12 young people as a start of the project, adding that the training will be 6 days in a week, and Ebunjan Threatre Troupe will foot all the transportation bills during the course of the training.
 Other member who also added their voices during the press conference, spoke at length on the importance of threatre in the country, whlie calling on the public to patronise them in their shows either in cash or kind.
 According to  them, they are will also be selling about 500 DVDs during the project and called on the public to but their “original DVDs” as it will boast the project.

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