Friday, February 25, 2011

About The Fifth International Youth Summer School on Peace

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- Peace Ambassadors The Gambia (PAG) is an international Peace advocacy organization established in the Gambia on 17th May 2001. Since the inception of the organization it has carried out series of programmes and activities both in and outside the Gambia which are all geared towards making the world a better place for human survival. 
 In this respect, among others an International camp also referred to as International Youth Summer School was well thought of where youths will gather to acquire knowledge and skills needed to develop an aptitude for peace building, to discuss issues affecting them and map out strategies of resolving them. 

 The success of the first international camp held in 2005 at Gambia College in September supported by Concern Universal inspired us to make the activity an annual event. 
 Hence a fifth International edition expecting to attract 150 Youths and people working with young people is slated for 15th –30th July 2011 at The Gambia College (Brikama Campus). With the theme “Searching for Peace in Africa” 
 Project Goals: To Enhance political and cultural tolerance that contribute to the socioeconomic empowerment of all people and promoting the value of life towards the realization of the culture of peace and Non-violence for the children of the world by this year. 
 OBJECTIVES OF THE CAMP : To foster tolerance and the sense of oneness among young people. 
To equip young people with the necessary skills needed to promote the culture of peace and non violence. 
To promote International cooperation, friendship and understanding for the integration of African youths. 
To discuss and map out strategies of lifting the societies from the violence and troubles past into a future where peace and development is at the centre.
 ACTVITIES/ ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: A five days academic lectures presentation and discussion on five proposed thematic areas. Particiapants should choose only one thematic area in each section.
 Section One
1. Human Rights 
2. Peace & Conflict Management 
3. Leadership, Governance and Democracy 
4. Entrepreneurship & Development Skills
 Section two: (Second Face of the School)
1. Gender 
2. Non-violence
3. Climate Change
4. Civic Education
A day conference focusing on all the thematic areas to be dealt with during the summer school. 
1. Official Opening and Closing Ceremonies
2. Field Visits 
3. Cultural Day
4. Sporting
5. Entertainment 
  OUTCOMES: The camp will provide an avenue for close collaboration, foster unity and understanding among youths. 
Promote the culture of peace and Non-violence in conflict management and maintenance. 
Equip the participants with the basic knowledge of the international instrument on the protection and promotion of human rights, Good Governance and prevention of conflict 
Contribute to the achievements of youth entrepreneurship development in ensuring youth empowerment and employability. 
Develop a comprehensive strategy attempting to address climate change.
Can you please see if you will be able to develop an outcome for each thematic area at least 
  PARTICIPANTS : Participation in the camp shall be in two categories i.e. 150 National and 50 International. National participants shall be members of the Youth Ambassadors of Peace representatives of Youth Organizations, NGOs, Security forces, the Media and ECOWAS member States living in The Gambia. The International participants are expected to be interested Individual Youths and others drawn from representatives of Youth and youth organizations, Universities, Peace training institutions the world over. 
 LOGISTCS : Food, accommodation and internal transport will be provided for all participants, including airport collection for international delegates. Local participants shall be responsible for their transportation to and from the venue. Airfares shall be the responsibility of the international participants. Registration is D600 for local participants only. 
 Date : The School is slated to commence on Saturday 16th July and close 30th July 2011. All participants are expected to register by 1900hrs on Friday 15th July. 
 Venue :The Gambia College (Brikama Campus).

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