Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gambia Celebrates it 46th Independence

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- 18th  February 2011, The Gambia marks its 46th Independence anniversary with joy of freedom and nationhood. On 18 February 1965, celebrations began that very day with lowering of the Union Jack, for the last time, and replaced with the last time, and replaced with the red, white, blue, and green, national flag of the Gambia.
  According to historians, all this happened at the McCarthy Square (now 22nd July Square), where the band played “God save the queen”. The around remain silence all the while. And while the British officials shed tears, the people of the reality liberated nation cheered, inspired by the euphonic feeling of the promises that come along with independence and the Gambia national Anthem took the Air. 
 Reading a statement on behalf the President of the Republic of The Gambia at the Serekunda mini stadium the mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council, Yankuba Kolley said that the objective of the government, is and will always be to make the Gambia the best country, in the whole world placing his faith and conviction in greatness, and Benevolence of the Almighty Allah and a united and patriotic honest citizenry. 

 According to Mayor Kolley,  this year the theme of their independence is “Unity through patriotism, we can build a better, more prosperous Gambia”. He said that, the choice of this theme is indeed apt and highly relevance, and one that requires every Gambian young and old, at home and abroad, to take to achieve their national vision and surpass the development targets, that they have set for themselves over the years. “ As  a nation, we cannot achieve anything meaningful if we are not united in purpose and intent, and if whatever we do is not based on the foundation of true,” he noted.    He further noted that, so much of social and economic progress have been achieved in the last 46 years, much of which accured during the past sixteen years of the July 22 Revolution. He went on, the signs are already boldly written on every wall. 
Today, he disclosed, an average Gambian is a proud Gambian in the sense of the many opportunities that have been provided to enable him or her to live in better, and much approved conditions of living. According to the different times in the history of this country from colonialism to the first republic to the present day, are living cultresses to the progrss made and the improvement these have brought about in promoting better living standards, not only of Gambians but also who fund their country a safe heaven, for peaceful work or study, and are happily living with us in the Gambia.
 Kanifing Mayor pointed out that, 46 years on, despite the achievements, they should all recognise the added unrelenting effort, that is needed to make the Gambia the world’s biggest and brightest success story of the millennium when it comes to peaceful development, progress, and prosperity. 
He adds: “Today’s celebration is an opportune moment to show the world our strength and readiness to becoming such an example,” he said. He said that, to them school children the message of unity and patriotism is even more relevant in their social transformation, into their future duty as the country productive force and future leaders. 
“Therefore you should take your studies seriously, and remember that for as long as you are ready to study, the sky would be the only limit to the support that my government would provide,” he noted. He pointed out that, they must have positive attitudes towards their parents, their parents their teachers, and the authorities and equally important amongst themselves. In this way, not only would their endear their selves to all us good children and good citizens, but they would also be counted upon those that would be contributing to the building of a better Gambia, and a Gambia where all would be proud to live in remember that united they stand, Divided they fall,” he concluded.

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