Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MD; 'SSHFC/Media's Relationship Is Symbolic'

The Managing Director of Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC), Mr. Tumbul Danso has given credit and acknowledge the role of the media's contribution towards national building especially to his corperation.
SSHFC boss was speaking to a group of journalists from both the print and electronic media at a day-long sensitization workshop on the 27th January 2011, organizes by SSHFC at their conference hall in Banjul.
 The principal objectives of the workshop was to create awareness, enhance compliance and also inform journalists of new and existing rules and regulations that governs Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation schemes.
 In his remarks, Mr. Danso said the relationship between SSHFC and the media as symbolic saying the relationship should be used for the benefit of both parties.
" We need the press for our massive 2011 campaign for the people to understand about our mandate and services that we renders to them, and this can be done through using your means of communication channels," he added, " the press also in turns need us for information dissemination about issues happening at Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation for public consumption."
 He told journalists that year 2011, has been branded by SSHFC as a year of massive campaign for the people to understand about his cooperation, while calling on media houses to give them coverage, as they will use newspapers, magazines, radio, and television for the sensitization.
He contiuned, " for us our doors are open for any further information that you want to know, we have open door policy, and I am calling on all of you to regularly visit our office for information that you would need to publish or broadcast in your media outlet.", SSHFC boss remarked.
 Mr. Danso further thanked all the media houses for accepting their invitation and called on their usual support to Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation.
Explaining about his Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation, Mr. Danso said that corporation has been in existance since 1982 noting that SSHFC has been mandated by the government of The Gambia to provides social security services to the people and to implement housing projects on behalf of the government.
 He remarked; " since 1982, we have been doing our housing projects, and in 2011, we want to engage in massive campaign to explained to the people about our social and housing fund project."
 Breaking it down, Danso stated that under the social security fund, they has many components citing the National Provident Fund, and the Federated Pension Scheme adding that it was in the year 1996 that the have the Industrial Injuries Compensation. In addition, the housing project, is the mandate of the corporation to implement housing estates projects in the country. Adding that currently Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation is implementing three major housing projects namely Turejeng, Jabang, Brikama Jamisa all in the West Coast Region.
 He buttressed on the performance of SSHFC noting that " three years ago, we made a surplus of over seventy million dalasis (D70), he continued, " we were paid a bonus by thecentral government,' and with these, the government has recognised the Corporation's performance and ranked the cooperation "number one" in the country as the best parastatals. 
 He told journalists, by recalling that the last budget session, Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation has been on of the best among the parastatals in the country.
Danso promised that SSHFC will continued playing its vital role and rendering services to the people. " We will as usual continued our duties as mandated by the government to give claims to our people after retirement, ill or want to stop work because of marriage", he pin pointed.
 SSHFC boss claimed that they are one of the best social security bodies in Africa attesting to the fact that many institutions in Africa normally send their peoples for attachment at SSHFC, while in turns they also send some of their staff to other institutions for studies.

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