Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Gambians Are Lazy Black Monkeys" landed Indian Businessman in Court

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- Indian Businessman residing in The Gambia by the name Mr. Mahesh . D. Bhojwani has been taken to court, and was accused of using abusive words to one Isatou Singhateh a Gambian saying that Gambians are lazy "black monkeys".  Mr. Bhojwani after hearing the particulars to read to him at the Kanifing Magistrates Court yesterday. He was arraigned before Acting Principal Magistrate Sherrif B Tibally of the Kanifing Court.
According to the particulars, Mr. Mahesh . D. Bhojwami after on or about the 29th January 2011 along the Sayerr Jobe Avenue in the Kanifing Minicipality of the Republic of The Gambia, while in such a public place uses abusive words to Isatou Singhateh saying that Gambians are lazy 'black monkeys", which irritated your staff in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace hereby committed on offence. He pleaded not guilty. 
Testifying before the court, Isatou Singhateh told the court that she is a business women living in Banjul Tobacurote. Adding that she is a customer to the accused person and her sister also works for the accused person. She said that she can fully remember the 29th January, 2011 when after the monthly cleanig exercise (setsetal), the accused called her asking whether her sister is at home. 

According to Isatou, "I told him to call my sister but he (Bhojwami) responded that " I called your sister but her phone was off.  Singhateh continued; "I then told him to allow me call home an enquire about Kaddijatou my younger sister. "I then call home an I was informed that my younger sister is on her way to work. " I then told the accuse person and told him that Kaddijatou was said to be cooking at the time at of the 'setsettal' which led to her lateness to work."
Singhateh added, "I explained all this to make him feel confortable and understanding. but after explaining all these, he was even more annoyed and said to me that this is very unfair," and responded saying that "this is why I don’t like lazy black monkeys," these are the exact words he responded. 
Isatou further continued: " I did not make any reply but turn my back and started moving., and while moving, I again turn my back to him and told him that I was not expecting such words from him as I have given him a due respect."
He the accuse replied by saying that "I did not care, the only thing that I care is money, if you like you can go and report the matter to your stupid president. Mr. Bhojwami then give me ten dalasis but annoyingly, I throwed it to him and told him to pay fair and face the president repeat his words to the president.  Monday while " I was having my breakfast at my working place, I saw a National Intelligence Agency (NIA) personnel who said came to arrest me.  Singhateh stated that she then enquire from the NIA and he told her that the arrest was as a result of the quarrel between her and an indian man in which the Indian man used foul words against which are insultive words. 
 She was asked as to whether she made any statement and she responded that she was question at the police station, and answer all the questions at the police station. 
Singhateh was then ask to whether she was not the one who reported the matter to the police station which she replied "no", and this was followed by a stand down after which PWI Abdul Saksouk gives testimony.
In  giving his testimony, Salsouk said he knew the accuse in Liberia and that he too is a business man next to the shop of the accused person adding that on the said date at around 2.30pm whiles in his shop he heard a noise at the shop of the accuse and show one Rastaman insulting the accused person, "I then told both Isatou and the accused to cool down." I further ask to what was the problem which was disclose to me by Isatou, and I then replied that the problem was above me". 
Magistrate Tabally adjourn the case to 3rd February (today) for hearing and the accused person was bailed a sum of D50.000.00 with two Gambia Surties who submited their identity cards.

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