Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Minister Sillah says grow of a country can take place in harmony

The minister of forestry and environment, Jatto Sillah has noted tht, it must be admitted that the growth of a country can take place in harmony with the environment. A long-term integrated approach to sustainability coupled with good governance will help the country reap high dividends. 
The Gambian Environment Minister made these remarks on Saturday 19 February 2011, at the Gambega’s waste water treatment launching in Kanifing . 
He added that, people congregate in countries and cities because of the promise of a better life that cities offer. “It is our collective responsibility therefore to live up to this promise and build livable and sustanable towns and cities in the Gambia that will enhance the well-being of people all over our country,” the minister noted. 

 He stated that this state of the Art facility has enormous benefit for the country’s water Resourc conservation adding that the facility will give lots of benefits to the kanifing industrial estate and its environs and could serve residential and commercial needs of wide catchment are a, including Greater Banjul Area. 
Gambian Minister went on; "it is destined to make a vital contribution, to a problem that must be addressed here, in the Gambia and throughout the world, the need for clean water." He further noted that the water that will be frected in this plant can be used for cleaning, building, and farming in order to strengthen the development of agriculture sector in their country, so the are celebrating an importance step towards building a more sustainable future for people of in the Gambia. 
He also pointed out that water is a strategic resource but limited in supply ensuring a save, reliable and affordable supply of water is one of the major challenges they face in the whole world. He said that, as they grow, they could strain and exhaust the water sources that first gave them life, stifling their own future growth prospects. 
He says “As water is scarce resource in many parts of the world, it is even more critical for us in the Gambia to manage this resource well to secure our own future”, he added, efforts to ensure a sustainable supply of clean and affordable water, go beyond the implementation of their best practices, and standards in order to enhance and protect their environment. It requires collective efforts from key partners and private sectors to manage water resources that are shared.

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