Friday, February 25, 2011

Peace Ambassadors Brief Press on 2010-2011 Recruitment Process

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The Youth Ambassadors of Peace (YAP) which has now undergo a name change, known as peace Ambassadors the Gambia. On Tuesday 22 February 2011, held a press conference at their faculty in Kanifing, the purpose of the press conference was to informed Journalist about their 2010-2011 recruitment process, by the orgaisations. 
 In his welcoming remarks, Mamadou Edrisa Njie of Peace Ambassadors The Gambia, noted that the main purpose of press conference is to brief journalists the 2010-2011 recruitment process adding that each group was ask also tasked with the responsibility to developed and implement an action plan, of at least one peace education activity in their communities either individually or collectively before being officially graduated, as ambassador members and join the crusade of peace building, and maintenance in the Gambia and beyond. 

 He adds: "That is why we gathered here today for this important press conference and is organised by my team members."   
Reading an overview of the 8th Peace Ambassadors The Gambia recruitment exercise 2010 to 2011, on behalf Isatou Bittaye  vice chairperson KMC Zone, Fabakary Kalley, executive secretary of Peace Ambassadors The Gambia said that the Youth Ambassadors The Gambia recruitment is open to all people who attained the age of thirteen years and is inspired and willing to volunteer irrespective of nationality, sex class, profession, academic qualification or gender. 
 He added that the recruitment process begins with the development of a guideline that outlines the following. To fill a membership from and payment of registration fee of D500.00 with two passport photo size attend a minimum of seven days recruitment camp on theme “Earth of living in peace” which aims to lay the foundation of the module training’s of two days each on peace education, and Non-violence, Understanding conflict, Human Rights and Good Governance, Gender perspective in peace building, and civic education and the Role of Stakeholders in peace building.  He further noted that this year recruitment process started in many 2010, when registration forms are filled and refurned by interested people at a reasonable fee. After that, a faculty training committee was constituted and inaugurated in June 2010. 
 He went on, the faculty held its first seminar in July where all members were given topics related to peace building. And maintenance to research on adds present to their colleagues and peer, review of each paper was carried out. 
 The seminar was meant to explore the facilitation skillsof members and review of the peace ambassadors the Gambia of the peace ambassadors the Gambia,” he said. 
 Earlier on, the programme coordinator of Peace Ambassadors The Gambia, Abdou FB Boye pointed out that with the cognizante of the fact that young people can and give ready to enhance political and cultural tolerance, PAG is in forefront in peace advocacy and education, that he said contributes to the socio- economic empowerment of all people, and promoting the value of life towards the realization of the culture of peace, and won-violence for the children of the world by this year. 
 He noted that in developing the creative and leadership potentials of the people, while ensuring their maximum participation in national and international development, “the peace ambassadors the Gambia for the first time I the history of the Gambia will organize intensive national youth leadership training this Easter holiday,” he indicated. Touching on the name change of the organization, the president of Peace Ambassadors The Gambia (PAG), Lamin M Sanyang, said that PAG is the new name given to the organisation, adding that the organisation is an international organization focusing on youth and peace. 
He added that the organisation was established in The Gambia on 17 May 2011. Adding that, the organization was conceived base on the realization that whole generations of young people live in the absence of peace bearing the consequences on their minds and bodies. 
 He stated that, lack of peace and its effects are not given in depth study and analysis. This open results in ignorance and limited collective global action, to create a sustainable peaceful environment for humanity. “this is a major issue for peace ambassadors the Gambia, the organization focuses on the development of the human mind,” he said. 
 According to him, it believes that once people understand global problems, have healthier living conditions, have the skills to resolve conflicts and struggle for justice non-violently, live by the standards of human rights and equity, appreciate diversity and respect each other, then human survival and development will be guaranteed.

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