Monday, December 21, 2009

US Embassy December Extravaganza

“Grab your jacket and get ready for a laugh”

The Alumni Association of the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) of The Gambia in partnership with the Embassy of United States of America in Banjul invites the public to their first Cultural Bazaar Extravaganza at Sahel Relax Country Club Saturday 26th December 2009, from 11: 00am until 5: 00 pm.
This information was contained in a publication made by the US Embassy in Banjul; The IVLP is an International Visitors program that invites distinguished community leaders to exchange programs in the United States (US). The invitation to visit the U. S. Leadership program is extended by each U. S. embassy around the globe.
The released added that “Since its inception almost seven decades ago more than 290 current and former Chiefs of State and Heads of Governments, 2, 000 Cabinet-level Ministries, and many, many other distinguished leaders from the public and private sectors. Since 1963 to date the US Embassy has sent over 320 Gambians through this very important program.”
The goal of this event, US Embassy publication explained that is to bring together IVLP alumni members, their families and the Gambian public to celebrate the important significance of the unique exchange program and our diverse cultures.
In celebration of the International Visitors Leadership Program “there will be an entertainment, includes food, drink and also called on the public to come and play various sport tournaments such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and playstation to win tournament prize.”
The entrance fee is D50 and for children and IVLP members the entrance at the door is free for them.
The U.S Embassy will present Sunday Night at the Movies, open to the public for free of Charge for entrance.
For the location of the Beach for one not to get lost is between Luigi’s Restaurant and Dunes.
This is the hilarious story (base on true events) of the first Jamaican bobsled team trying to make it to the Olympics. “Grab your jacket and get ready for a laugh” the released concluded.

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