Friday, December 25, 2009

"Gambia Cashew Is Number One "Jawneh

Mr. Musa Jawneh, President of the National Farmer's Platform Gambia(NFPG) has said that the cashew grown in the Gambia is the best in quality throughout the sub-region.
Mr. Jawneh made the revelations in an interview which he gave at his residence in Brikama Missira in Western Region.
According to him, from the 1990's to 2006, all researches conducted in the country has find that the cashew grown in the country is the best quality, and cannot be compared to hat of any country's cashew in the sub-region.
He added " our soil is very good quality and fertile, when it comes to cashew growing", and he called on farmers in general to grow cashew on their lands.
Jawneh noted that, growing cashew is easy "you can grow cashew in your farm with other products"
According to Jawneh, farmers should make it priority to grow more cashew orchards. The orchards can be between our villages and our rice fields and can also serve as a sort of forest".
Asked about the price of cashew in the international market, Jawneh said hat the price is good adding that the price of cashew in foreign exchange is double the price of groundnut which is cash and food crop for the Gambia and called on farmers to shift in cashew growing.
He said that this would serve as a source of income generation and employment opportunities for farmers.
He further revealed that the companies do not process the cashew nut in the country but export and process it abroad, which he said is a "double business" to the companies.
He called on Gambian businessmen and women to venture in the cashew trade.
As he puts it, all the companies in the business normally repatriate all monies gained to their respective countries and only little is left in the Gambia.

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