Thursday, December 17, 2009

Groundnut Farmers Classified As Poorest,Reveals Charge de’ Affairs, EU Hélène Cavè

Groundnut farmers across the country are among the poorest members in The Gambian society due to the sector encountering serious constraints that have adversely affected their flow of investment, output with an added caused of natural disasters says Madam Hélène Cavè Charge de’ Affairs, European Union Delegation in The Gambia.
In a statement read on her behalf by Faustro Perini, Programme Manager, EU Delegation, at handing over of screens and scales equipments to the Gambia Groundnut Cooperation (GGC) and National Research Institute(NARI) on the 16th December 2009, at the GGC Complex, Denton Bridge.
Madam Cavè stated that groundnuts remain the cash crop of the country and its production, handling, processing and marketing engage an important part of the active force.
According to her, groundnut is said to occupy 47 percent of the total cropped area adding that it is a key socio-economic product which provides foreign exchange earnings, food, fodder and revenue for the rural community.
Moreover, she say “groundnut farmers are among the poorest members in Gambian society, thus the sector has a strategic role in reducing poverty as outlined in the Poverty and Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP).”
“Unfortunately the sector has recently encountered serious constraints that have adversely affected flow of investment; output, export values and quality of the sector expect last year’s rainfall.”
She added that due to the decline in quality of outputs and to stringent international quality regulations, noting that the Gambia has to make do with the bird feed market and crude groundnut oil.
The EU contribution to the sub-sector, Hélène believed will help to address only part of the challenges the sub-sector is facing.

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