Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gov’t Takes Steps to Curb Internal Migration,Says Vice president Njie-Saidy

Internal migration in Africa remains the most common of movement, particularly the youth folk, in which the Gambia is not an exception to this phenomenon.
Many countries have experienced rural urban growth, due to migration from rural areas to major cities, such movement can provide opportunities and economic benefits, but also posed major challenges. Which people may be attracted by services and amenities may become strained. The report dubbed Overcoming barriers. Human mobility and development,
It is against this background, that the government of the Gambia has decentralized its programmed.
These words were stated by the Vice President and Minister for Women’s Affairs Dr. Aja Isatou Njie-Saidy at the launching of the 2009 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Human Development Report on Migration at the Kairaba Beach Hotel 9 December 9, 2009.
She said “through the decentralization programme, the government seeks to bring the rural population closer to key social and economic services and to poverty reduction”
According to her, the government of the Gambia is ever mindful of the immense social and political responsibilities that it owes to the people, in particular the youth folk who constitute the most excited group when it comes to migration, both internally and beyond the national boarders.
Vice president Njie-Saidy said that the size of the urban sector is visibly to small and limited in its ability to meet the needs and expectation of rural migrants moving to urban settlements. To meet the need and expectations of rural migrants, government has put better policies in place for Gambians to participate more meaningfully in the development of the rural sector. She positioned.
Gambian no.2 stated that the rural sector friendly Programmes designed to transform the sector by providing attraction of equal quality and quantity for work, income and sustainable livelihood that is the continual improvement of farming and agriculture, the provision of rural electrification, water, health. sanitary and education facilities etc.
Speaking further, Njie-Saidy pointed that the government is not anti- emigration but condemns and would keep condemning illegal migration for the love and welfare of the nation.
She added, the government is doing all it can to live up to the reality and would forever remain committed to creating the best possible environment that would encourage youths in the rural sector to get access to the same opportunities that they often dream of getting in the urban areas.

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