Thursday, December 10, 2009


Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA) has disclosed to consumers of communication services that the PURA have received and is currentky processing about three (3) applications of private Television Stations intending to commence operations in The Gambia.
Spectrum Manager of PURA , Mr. Rodine Renner made these loud and clear announcement at PURA's 3rd Consumer Parliament held in Brikama College Campus, in Western Region.
The consumer parliament creates more awareness on the right of the consumers and places service providers on their toes regarding their obligations, products and srvices to consumers in a bid to finding solutions to the problems and concerns of both parties.
At the time of speaking, Renner said that PURA has received about three appications of private TV stations but do not disclosed the names of the applicants saying that " PURA is on the verge of processing the applications.
He told the gathering that " when we are ready,we will inform the public about the outcome of it" declaring that "anyone who is intrested in operating a community TV Station can send in application and PURA will look at it, whatever the outcome is you will be informed." He declared.

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