Monday, December 21, 2009

In Gambia, “orphans are Abuse, Their Inheritance Mismanaged”

Alhagie Jaiteh, an Islamic Scholar residing in Serrekunda, in an exclusive interview, at his resident on the 21st December 2009 has observed that orphans are prone to abuse and their inheritance usually mismanaged making life difficult for them.
Jaiteh added that there need to be attitudinal changes towards orphans, which, he said impedes the socio-economic development of our country.
“Orphans children need to be given the opportunity to grow with a healthy mind as both the family and the nation as a whole can benefit. We should also be committed to equal opportunities for all irrespective of sex of the orphan child”.
He revealed that over 64,000 orphans are in the Gambia as he could recalled been told at one forum by the director of Social Welfare, Mrs. Fanta Bai Secka.
Jaiteh called on religious and traditional leaders to ensure that society is educated on issues affecting orphans and the care should be provided according to the Islamic principles.
“Islam has made provision for the protection of children before birth and after birth”. He said
He urged all to share certain basic values and assumptions such as concern for one and other, love, affection and humour for each other, help and support in bad times, Joy in good times, as well as recognizing one another’s strength and weakness.
According to Jaiteh, “we are witnessing a lot of changes in our various societies; the way of life of the society has changed dramatically. The world is now a smaller place and counties are affected by development”.
He therefore added that improves information sharing and dialogue and common understanding are the best ways of forging tolerance for our differences.

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