Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Females are Welcome Than Males

In The Gambia figures has revealed that more females are born daily than the males, as the females figures stands at 689,841 while men 670,840 according to the 2003 census.
Mathematically, if one compares the said figures, the difference between the females and the males is 19,oo1. The 2003, population and housing census put the population figures that is both males and females at 1,360,681 showing how fast our population has increased with more females are welcome than males.
Recalling in the 1973 census, the population of the Gambia was 493,499 and in the 1983 census, it was 687,817. this clearly shows that at every 10 year interval, the census has shown that our population increased. In 1993, the census gave a total count of 1,038,145.
Banjul, Kanifing Municipality and Brikama Local Government areas registered high population density.
For housing, the residents of Banjul and Kanifing are witnessing problems like high rent fees, limited housing space and poor accommodation.
In the Greater Banjul and Kanifing areas, it has in fact become easier to even squeeze water out of stone than to get accomadation.

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