Thursday, January 20, 2011

UN System Urged To Increase Budgetary, Ensure Timely Release of Funds

 NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA(MB)- The Gambian Vice President  and Minister of Women Affairs Dr. Isatou Njie-Saidy has on 12 January 2010 at the Kairaba Beach Hotel at the official Launching of the 2010Human Development Report urged the UN system to increase budgetary allocation and ensure timely released of funds is the first mouth of the year.
According to her, the timely implementation of planned activities and funds needs to be release at its better time that is January. She went on “as clearly stipulated in the 2010 report, putting people at the centre of development means, making progress equitable, enabling people to be active participants in change and ensuring that current achievements are not attained at the expense of culture generations”, she alluded. Njie- Saidy reaffirmed that the Gambia Government with continue to work with development partners in ensuring that, active and socially responsive policies centred services are put in place noting that it” must be matched with timely availability to, and, accessibly of resources. She further expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the UNDP for the honour bestowed on the government of The Gambia to once again, launched the 2010 report, and to thank all stakeholders for their solidarity and unrelenting efforts towards government and the citizenry. Gambian no. two later reminded all stakeholders and all development partners that, inspite of mile stone interventions high political will and resource commitment by government and development partners, sub-Saharan Africa and Least Development Countries (LDCS) requires major and consistent financial material and human resources base for the attainment of the (MDGs) and PRSP 11 inter alia.
According to her, there is an urgent need for the Gambia to have its first Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) need not be over emphasized given the paucity of quality data. Despite the significant but slow pace at improving the education and the health sectors, she said “my government in collaboration with development partners and stakeholders at all levels, continue to implement best practices”. Which, she added, includes the following that is free- of- charge basic education for all from Grade 1 – 9, Reduction of micro –nutrient deficiencies through salt iodization vitamin A supplementation, deworming, exclusive breast-feeding from 0-6 months advocacy in iron-defiency anaemia control, and expansion and strengthening of health facilities around the country for the provision of emergency obstetric and newborn care services, she continued, free-of-charge material and child health services in all public health facilities, provision of ambulances, universal access to demmunization, training of Gambia Doctors, mid wives, Anaesthetists and laboratory Technicians, access to improved source of water supply at 85.1 percent in 2006, improved access to sanitation at 90 percent in urban areas and 78 percent in rural areas in2007, and the enactment of the children’s Act 2005 and women’s Act 2010. She then wish all a happy and prosperous New year, filled with achievements peace, good health and stability both for the Gambia, the African continent and, by extension, the entire world Ameen. “ with honour and pleasure, please allow me to bring you seasons greetings, with best wishes and, fervent Excellency, the Head of State of the Gambia, president Yahya Jammeh, to the UN fraternity in the Gambia and the entire audience at the Launching, she ends her speech.

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