Thursday, January 20, 2011

“Poverty Has A Woman Face” says Women’s Right Activist – Madam Sillah

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA(MB)- A well known women’s right activist who render her service in promotion of women in business and skills, has disclosed poverty as ‘having a woman face’. Mrs. Amie Sillah Executive Director of Women for Democracy and Development who has recently launched her book entitle
“ Silent Voice”, has revealed in her interview that lots of  challenges and problems are confronting women’s in our  today’s society . 
In an interview with her at her resident in Churchill’s Town, she explained that her book that she launched recently touches all angles of the lives of women, challenges and affecting women. Dilating further on the issues of poverty, she says “a poor man has more right than a poor woman” attributing it to the culture of silence, which she continued, has affected many Gambian women.
The culture of silent (Sutura) has affected Gambians especially the women which has leads to the high rate of gender base violence which is the main challenges facing women. “ Many women has been killed, raped, while other has dumped their babies which has a cloudy history all done with impunity”. Sillah who is also a politician but now has no political ambition but focuses on the advancement of women, which reflected on, come up and share the ideas and view with fellows. Women to women violence she added have created lots of problem within the environment. The idea of 50 – 50 has brought a lot of complication in the mind-set of people but according to her, they are now going away from it emphasis laid on equal access and opportunity, which the government has created that environment. “The performance of women has improved drastically women are now holding high ranking position ranging from the Vice Presidency, Ministers, Lawyers, Businesses and now even in Journalism”, she said. Having her mother as her role model, Mrs. Sillah running a woman right organisation has promised to launch Two more books in future all in line wit training women in knowing their right, responsibilities, good governance, gender justice, social inclusion and related issues. Women empowerment she said is a step toward the right director and its improvement is a plus for the country. This mother of two children has also being training women of workers right, health; nutrition has dedicated her Book ‘Silent Voice’ to all women at a cost of D200. She further disclosed lack of comprehensive law on gender based violence hampering women which she said they are lobbing for.

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