Friday, January 7, 2011

GPU’s Ndey Tapha Sosseh; Deyda’s Assassins Has Failed Miserably

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The president of the Gambia Press Union Ndey Tapha Sosseh in a statement read on her behalf, on the sixth anniversary of the assassination of  Deyda Hydara. Thursday 16th December 2010, at the TANGO conference hall, organised by the GPU with the funding from Media Agenda.
 The secretary general of the Gambia press union, Emil Touray said that when they think about the heinous way in which Deyda was murdered, they are sad and their spirit dampened but they find solace in the fact that the intentions of those who brutally murdered Deyda Hydara has failed miserably in their evil design to silence the voice of truth.

Their criminal act has in fact turned his voice into a universal voice of truth and universal voice of condemnation of evil and justice. He called that, this however does not in any way, stop us the media fraternity from donieancing the fact that, the perpetrators of this heinous crime are yet to be brought to book. And to regrettably draw the attention of the state authorities, to the fact that unless and until the investigations are recommenced with the intentions of tracing the perpetrators and of getting justice done. “we will continue to register our stance against impunity without apology, we will also use this and other investigated attacks on media practitioners as a bench marl for the state of freedom of expression in the Gambia,” he noted.
  He pointed out that, today in honoring the memory of Deyda Hydara, the union has chosen to look at technological developments and its impact on newspaper journalism. According to him, he believe that Deyda Hydara had he been around would have been pondering this and coming up, with wonderful proposals to perfect, reform and re-vitalize the newspaper industry. “ I do sincerely hope that those of us around today, will do him justice by not only reflecting and coming up with possible solutions but by also today’s forum to exchange ideas on new ways and approaches that the union and its partners can use to ensure that we engage the state authorities to uphold their responsibilities in stepping up efforts in to investigations of the murder of     Deyda Hydara in particular and on all pending to the assaults on journalists and media house” he noted.
 He recalled having conversation with Marie Pierre, Deyda Hydara’s daughter, sometime this year, when her father was been honored by the African Editors forum Bamako, and in finding words to comfort her, he said “Marie Pierre think of it this way, there are millions of people who have lived longer lives than your father, and their passing, are remembered by those only close to them. “your father Deyda comes from a country of tell than million people, published a national newspaper, small in compassion to others out side the Gambia but is known in every country, by all people over the world, he has been honored and remembered by practically every aspect of  international media fraternities and is used as an example of bravery and courage in their work”. 

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