Friday, January 7, 2011

O J Expressed Disappointment

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- Omar Jallow, more popularly known as OJ a politician-cum friend of the media has expressed disappointment and shock over the poor turn out of Gambian’s at a public lecture commerating the 6th anniversary of the assassination of the late Deyda Hydara on Thursday  16 December 2010. At the Tango conference hall, in Kanifing the theme for this year was impact of the internet on the future of the newspapers, this year anniversary was made possible with funding from media agenda. It could be recalled that Deyda Hydara was gun-down by unknown assassins in December 16 004, since then no paper probe has been done to figure out the culprit.

Mr. Jallow pointed out that it is very disappointing when they look around the hall they could only see journalist who constitute nmety percent of the attendance in this hall. Jallow noted  that is it so shocking here in the Gambia that those who need the press most are the ones who stay away from activities regarding the media.
According to him, it is six years now since Deyda Hydara was assassinated and nothing has come out, not only from the Government, NGOs, Civil Society groups , lawyers, magistrate, and judges, they need us most than we do”. He said. Jallow went, in  1998 while he was in Burkina Faso, when Robert Zongo was assassinated many journalist including lawyers magistrate civil society, and judges all took to the street protesting against the assassination of the journalist, “ why  we cannot do the same here in the Gambia are we scare of been intimidated or harassed”.
 According to him, even in Senegal when such things happened they took to the street and protest, he went on, unless and until the media is fully supported things will always remained like this “I myself cannot thank the media enough, despite all the hostile environment the Gambian media is alive, they should be commended for a job well done, am with you in every step always” he noted. Earlier on, the chairman of the programme cumaueteran journalist, Cherno Jallow indicated that today they meet once again to commerate the departed souls, this is unfinished business until the assassins are brought to book.
According to him, the pursue of truth of justice is a question of time survive it all and one day the truth will come to light. Pointe out that, there is nothing hidden that will never come out to light, Deyda died in the course of freedom of Gambian press, his name is known worldwide. “ to us is a challenge and we have to keep the light burning, he has done a sacrifice, Deyda died for all of us,” he noted. He said that they has a challenge especially the young journalist surely the assassins will be found.

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