Friday, January 7, 2011

UDP on Vigorous Campaign for 2011

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- "2011 Jammeh is Going: Change is Inevitable. Development is indiscriminately for Tax Payers: Gambians remain Loyal to UDP. Poverty, Hardship and Dictatorship is enough for Gambians. And Femi Peters is a True Hero" were the major tagged campaign slogans onto three large tents when the United Democratic Party (UDP) held a mass political rally in the heart of Brikama in Western Coast Region.

The use of multiple campaign slogan at a time signifies the UDP party busy engagement on adopting and testing effective campaign strategies to attract the largest ever support of the people of the country to compensate the party with the amount of vote to battle the APRC ruling government out of the state house after the party’s endless failure at the ballot box in presidential elections.
Members of the party’s executive did not hesitate to draw a parallel line between the UDP party and the APRC ruling party in their efforts to represent themselves as national characters and not only within their party.
Speaker upon speaker managed to arrange a list of names to refer to Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) to popularly be known as "His Excellency Alhagie Lawyer Ousainou Darboe" with the tittle upcoming “President of the Republic of the Gambia”.
Ousman Rambo Jatta, National Youth President of the UDP who hope to be the next Mayor of the Kanifing Municipality “under the presidency of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe” claimed to be the only National Youth President throughout the country and that he is there for all the youths of the country.
Dembo By-force Bojang, UDP National President joined the queue to refer to himself as the current President of the country and probably Lawyer Darboe would have to take over from him should he win the presidential election in 2011.
The UDP campaign Manager, Lamin Dibba also introduced Aja Sonko Sanneh as the National Women Mobiliser, Aja Yamou Secka as National Women Secretary, Momodou Lamin Single Nyassi as National Organising Secretary all of who spoke at the ceremony.
Whatever strategy adopted by the UDP, its rally in Brikama have paid dividend to attract up to twelve youths who defected from the APRC ruling party. The campaign Manager explained that the interparty switch by the young people is in line with his part’s indoor campaign strategy for each of its members to turn the party affiliation of ten people to join the UDP before the 2011 presidential election.
Lawyer Ousainou Darboe described the effort by the Kombo Central Youths as patriotic which he said need to be emulated by every patriotic Gambian. According to him the new comers to his party did so “not because they want a position and not because they want to be rewarded for their own interest but it is because they want to see a change which will prevent the country from going into further darkness”.
He told his supporters that they should not fold their hands and let the country go into further difficulties. Explaining on these difficulties, he said “while the Gambia Currency (Dalasi) is continuing to depreciate, the head of state is busy organising cultural festival and celebrating July 22nd Coup d’├ętat and anniversary of so-called success in healing ailments by traditional means on which he is spending huge resources of the country”. The president, he said is also organising series of school parties for students in order to earn their votes in the upcoming presidential election.
The UDP party leader said president Jammeh has succeeded in turning all Gambians into beggars at state house. Because “people have compromised their dignity to be begging for cups of sugar at state house, especially during the month of Ramadan”, he said. This he added is the reason why the president has also intervened to compete with the ordinary business men and women in the market for him to gain total control over the lives of the people.
He said the present government has been arresting the ordinary butchers for allegedly hiking meat prices at the abattoir but it does not talk about the beef sellers in the various supermarkets at higher prices. According to him the government is trying to build up an imbalance among the business community by harassing others and forgetting about others.
He told the people at his rally that the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country is a source of concern. Noting that wherever there are illegal drugs there will be corruption in that country. In the wake of high profile drug cases in the courts, he said there should have been an urgent action taken by the National Assembly in order to determine the most suitable action to curb the situation.

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