Friday, January 21, 2011

Peace Ambassadors Camp Youth

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- Peace Ambassadors The Gambia from the 23rd to 29th December 2010, gathered a good number of youths from all works of lives for recruitment camp at Sanyang Lower Basic School. The name of the recruitment camp is “The Art of Living in Peace”, which according to the Executive Secretary Peace Ambassadors The Gambia Fabakary Kalleh, "to live in peace is a creative process, understanding human behavior, attitude, values and to be able to adopt it". 
According to him, peace starts from our own hearts while conflict also start from our own hearts too. He told youths that peace can be divided into two categories that is negative and positive peace. The negative peace, he explained the focus on destruction of the state while the positive peace the restruction after negative peace.
He also stated that conflict on the other hand is inevitable stating that out of conflict one can have the following; it can leads to developments, growth, emotion relief and knowledge. Peace, he said is a state of inner consciousness arising from personal from quality, social accord and harmony with nature. 
In his definition of conflict, Kalleh said conflict is an expressed struggle between two people or parties who perceive in comparable goals. He noted that conflict can happen anytime, anywhere and at any place in our lives as human nature. According to him, for human beings to attain peace, “we need to cooperate and communicate effectively”. In the ways of solving problems, when conflict arise, he said the following are the key basic principles be an active listener, separate people from the problem and focus on the problem, while identifying the core need causes of the problem.
In doing so, he went on one need to bring partners together in a quite place when they are cool and calm. Set down ground rules that none of the parties will intrup and no one will use insult, make sure all parties agree to try and find a solution and let one person talk first to explain what happen.
Lecturing on Human Knot problem solving conflict, Mr. Seedy Fatty of Peace Ambassadors the Gambia said mediators need dialogue, sacrifice, respect for others and have empathy.
For Isatou Bittaye second vice chairperson KMC, lectured on Gender saying that Gender is the social construction for both male and female decided or constructed by the society. Here is the biological nature of male and female.
According to her, Gender roles, are roles that change over time or base on society while sex roles are biologically defermine and unchangeable. On the definition of Gender balance, Bittaye stated that Gender balances is the equal representation in decision making in participation. Gender equity is equal chances and opportunities given to both men and women base on work or equipment.
Gender bias is when roles or opportunities are allocated base on sex and Gender mainstreaming is the approach or campaign to sensitize and educate people about the concept of Gender. Lamin Sanyang president of Peace Ambassadors, Souleyman Saho second vice president, Mbara Saine, Ansuman Darboe, and Baboucarr Samba all serves as facilitators during the camp.

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