Friday, March 19, 2010

‘Young People Must Seek Knowledge’

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA(MB)-“It is very significant and a good initiative demonstrated by young people. Young people must seek knowledge in order to empower themselves”, declared Madi Jobarteh of TANGO who is also a journalist.
Mr. Jorbateh made these remarks on Saturday 23 January 2010 when he chaired the launching of “The Eye Magazine”.
Halifa Sallah, a politician, was the guest speaker.
In an opening statement, Siaka k. Dibba, an Editor and reporter with the Magazine, said the Eye Weekly Newsletter now the Eye Magazine was founded in October 2008, by a group of young Gambians. They “thought it prudent to initiate something that could contribute to the socio-economic development of their great nation”. he said. He said The Eye Magazine is a non-political paper, which focuses on building the capacities of young people of this nation, as a way of empowering them, as well as enabling them realize their potentials to the fullest.
Also speaking at the launching was the Executive Secretary of the National Youth Council, `Marcel Mendy, who spoke on the importance of peace, and on the need for the youths to be well informed and be educated, both in the provinces and urban areas of the country.
Binta Singhateh, the deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Communication, Information and Information Technology said the advent of the Eye would help to employ some of the young people in the country. Journalism, she noted, is a profession instrumental in promoting democracy. She also advised that whoever wants to be a journalist “must read widely and must be neutral”. She also spoke of the media’s crucial role in fast tracking the country’s development.
In officially launching the Magazine, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mambanick Njie, noted that “information is food of the human mind” It is critical to educate the masses, he said, adding that “Journalism is a noble profession”.
Mr. Njie pledged that his office would contribute enormously towards the advancement of young people in the country. The Ministry has recognised the talents of young people who are not in school. “Skills to be productive in the economy must be enhanced”, he said.

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