Friday, March 19, 2010

Rotary International Gives $30 million For Polio Campaign

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA(MB)-Rotary International and Rotary The Gambia chairperson of the Polio Plus committee in the Gambia, appointed by the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, Oumou Tall, has disclosed that Rotarians provided US$30 million for the polio campaign. She made these disclosure at the kick off of the national immunization days (nids) at jammeh foundation for peace hospital (jfph) 6 march 2010 in bundung kunda. “this synchronize national immunization days has make possibel with an emergency funding of over us $30 million by rotary international.” rotary international she said continues to secure funding to ensure the global eradication of polio within the next three to five years adind that with a concerted efforts, “we believe it is possible .” according to tall, rotary international has provided the funding of social mobilization. she recalled that in 2006 rotary the gambia got very ooncerned with the importation of the wild polio virus from nigeria into countries in west africa and central africa and contacted the embassy of china (taiwan) and were able to received us $150,000, that she revealed was used to have a sub national immunization day in the western region thegambia.”we are not wrong in receiving the said amount because today, the virus is at our door step with the (2)two cases of the type (1)one virus registerd in senegal on 12 january 2010.” according to her the global polio eradication initiative speech heaeded by gvernment who, rotary international unicef, cdc, “has registered so far 99 percaent success the most difficult part is the 1 percent left to be achieved”, she told the gathering. she noted that any importation of the virus is a prior declared polio free country becomes a major set back in achieving our eradicaton goal”. “as soon as we completed the first and the second of this synchrnized national immunization days, we will continue towards securing more fund and drawing the budget for the next nids in the gambi whether synchronized or not”. however, continuing ith the routine immunization is a crucial “because it is the health of our children that is at stake it is the attainment of our vision also is at stake.” se commende the gambia leader for making the enviroment conducive for their operations saying that “the enviroment is make very conducive by the government and it clear –sighted leadship wider his excellency sheikh professor alhaji dr,yahya ajj jammeh”with the two rouns she urged all sunday to show strong commitment and a lot success in the exercise. according to her” if nids have 100 percent coverage , and routine immunization cntinue, and the population is intesely sensitized on hygience and senitation we will keep the gambai polio free” according to her the gambia has show its political commitment in the polio campaign by joining eighteen other countries in west and central africa. it gives rotary great pleasure and us rotarians in the gambia to see that despite the short notice given ny the spear heading partners and core donors by the global polio eradication initiative, the gambia is on target by offically launching the polio campaign today” chairperson , dliophs committee noted that peace and stability are need to sustain development when we are talking about over natonal deelopment blue print” she urged on parents and gurdians to cooperate with the health team for a successful campaign.

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