Friday, March 19, 2010

Grand Expedition Programme

By Wally Bah
The Gambia held Award helpers Association (GAHA) in partnership with the national youth parliament, today on the 14th February 2008. Organised a press Bruiting at the president awards Hall in Bakau.
The pennies of this press bruiting is to Hash back peoples mind about the Gaambia gold award holders association expeditions, which is to be held at Gunjur upper Basic school from Thursday the 21st of February to Sunday 24th February 2008.
The grand expedition will attracted five hundred participants both from the Gambia gold award helpers association and the national youth parliament. According Alhagie Joof of the Gambia gold award holder’s association hinted that main objectives of this grand expedition is to create, strengthen and develop sustainable collaboration and partnership between the various youths organisation.
In the field of youth development and as well as to encourage young people to adopt and, to develop the lift of technical skills. Joof added that at the end of the active participation, the young person is awarded with an international medal and certificate of recognition worldwide. Citing that these award, are in three categories namely Bronze, silver, and Gold, in which he said is the highest award deceived. Mr. Joof recalled that the Gambia gold award helpers was established in the year 1990, but later Mr. Joof committed that it meat on realisation in 1997. Since then he added the association has promoted in principles, for participating in national activities and has also contributed through its experience volunteers to community initiatives that has value to lives of the local people, he stressed. For his part Lamin F. Bojang, the speaker of national youth parliament said once a young person challenges him or herself in order to adventure, Discover and achieved signed the aim is discovering and adventuring his or her talents and potentials which he said are reprevequiste for productivetly and self reliance as well as self substance. He further noted that these achievements are recognizing by fully participarting in the baic mandarety sections which are the conrnerstones of the award programme. The disclosed, the awards are not prices but an individual achievenment which goes a long way to benefit the individual and the larger scerety , Mr. Speaker recognised that the national youth parliament is mandated to in eulcate responsible citizenship in the minds and to bridge the intergenerectional gap between the young and old. Base on he went on a working team which is set up to coordinate and facilitates all the necessary arrangement for this memorable evant, he conclude. In his works Mr. Ousman Sarr of national youth parliament haiked the two organisation for the cordial relationship they exist betweent the two. He dewell on by saying that this a clear manitestation, and challenge them to always manitest in the interest of young people alarge and also come together in sharing good thinking in term of intergration at the national level, Mr Sarr was given to assert that a we should not wait politician to bringles togther,” he said. Mr. Sarr also caution them by stating that he want to see the prosper of this two institution, and newealed that young people should be given the picture of now violence, and observed that youth should be respectal and obedicat he conclude. Some of the executive members also express similar remarks.

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