Thursday, March 18, 2010


NEWS BANJUL, THE GAMBIA(MB)-J & J Marketing, a marketing consultancy on Garba Jahumpa Road in Bakau, is hosting a talent show called ‘Showtime Gambia’, slated to take place in April 2010.

‘Showtime Gambia’ is a reality TV Programme coming up soon on Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) TV like the ‘American Idol’, a programme where young people participate and discover their talents.

In a recent encounter with Showbiz, the Public Relations Officer of J&J Marketing, Hannah Barry, said ‘Showtime Gambia’ is a 5-month programme to run on GRTS, and the winner will be going away with a cash prize of D250,000.00 at the end of the day.

“We have the belief that most of the youths have talent but they don’t have the chance to discover it; that is why we have come up with this initiative to be showcasing them on GRTS TV,” Ms Barry said. “The public is going to vote for the contestants and there is going to be elimination every month.”

The number of votes would determine whether a contestant should be eliminated or would further participate in the contest, she explained.

The J&J PRO further said the auditions are taking place this month at the Alliance-Franco Gambiene and the competition will commence April this year.

“My message to the public is to come out and support their people because they have to vote for them so as to make their contestants win the competition,” Ms Barry said, adding: “The judges are going to give voting numbers to all the contestants.”

According to one of the members of Da Royal Bs, Idrissa Ceesay, aka Maxi, who is also participating in ‘Showtime Gambia’, the programme is a very good initiative as the winner is going away with D250,000.00 and it will be showcased every week on TV.

“Showtime Gambia requires someone who can create and initiate, or a superstar - as the way you sing, dance and appear counts a lot,” Maxi said, adding that they are training and looking after the people because the people are more important.

The importance of Showtime Gambia is that it would exposure youngsters especially the upcoming artistes, he added. Da Royal Bs, who have dedicated their debut album to President Yahya Jammeh, will be launching the album in May to coincide with the Presidents’ Birthday on May 25.

Maxi said: “The album has been prepared since year 2008, but we were not having a manager or a director that’s why we could not launch the album. We are dedicating our album to the President with other two bonus songs, because in terms of development, the President has done a lot for Gambians.”

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