Tuesday, December 20, 2011

“Our warmest thoughts and best wishes for the New Year"

Dear Friends and Supporters
“As we draw towards the end of 2011, we thank you for your wonderful support for WYSE International and wish you a very happy, peaceful and powerful new year.

“We hope that you get a moment during this period to reflect on what has been important for you during this year, to identify your key learnings and insights, and appreciate the contributions you have made to the growth and development of yourself and others. We encourage you to consider how you want to lead yourself in the coming year, and spend a little time planning out what you want to “Do” and how you need to “Be” in 2012.”

“We know that many of you are engaging with urgent global challenges through the various projects and activities you are involved in across this amazing planet that we share.  We want you to know that your efforts are appreciated by everyone involved in WYSE and throughout our broader networks.  It’s also worth considering the impact you are making that may not be visible yet, and how future generations will also benefit from your efforts and many good intentions.

“Please continue supporting us in spreading the ideals and values of WYSE. You can do this by telling your friends about our work, recommending people in your area to apply to join a WYSE programme, and inviting them to follow our activities via our website and newsletter.

“Our warmest thoughts and best wishes for the New Year, we hope it brings you joy, love, peace and a deep sense of meaning.”

Andrew & Sam - WYSE International

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