Friday, December 16, 2011


Happy holidays! I hope this note finds you well and enjoying the end of 2011 and anticipating what 2012 holds for you as a freelancer writer.

Our group recently passed the 9100 member mark! When I started this group almost four years ago, I never expected it to get this big. Thank you all for your participation in the group and support of other freelancers in improving their craft as you develop your own. It's inspiring to see what so many of you are up to and to see you exchanging resources and encouragement with other writers.

Please note that I have updated the Group Rules section of our site. With our size, it was inevitable that we'd have questions arising about conduct in our discussion groups/promotions sections of the site. Please check it out, and if others have questions, point them either to the group rules or to me directly for answers. I'm happy to clarify any outstanding questions or refine the guidelines to make the site a on-going positive resource for all of the members.

Lora Freeman Williams
Moderator, The Freelance Writers' Connection Group

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