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As Muslim Phone arrives with an offer price

NEWS GAMBIA, BANJUL- The first and only 3G (Third Generation) network, enabling a guaranteed clear network QCell has yet again break record not only in The Gambia, but in Africa and the world at large has launched a new product in the Gambian GSM services called Muslim phone, dedicated to Imam Ratib Mass Jah imam of Pipeline Mosque who the Almighty Allah has taken his last breath on the 23 October 2009, May his soul rest in perfect peace, AMEEN.

The phone is first of it kind in the African soil to be launched by a cellular company. QCell is the first GSM company to launched the new product in West Africa and is the second in Africa after Malaysia, big thanks SUNU BUSS for been pride to itself for always bringing the latest and cheapest products in the Gambian telecommunication market.

The classic phone has all the basic features of a great phone, it comes with a colour screen, FM radio, long life battery and it alerts Muslims on their five daily prayers. When the phone features are activated, even it is switch-off, when it is prayer time; it will come on, alert you and switch-off again and QCell has discounted it by 50 percent selling it at a retail cost of only D750.00

With seven months of operations from July 2009 to date, Gambian has witness records that has positively change their lives and , it will be worthwhile to recognized and celebrate the event of the record breaking, this was disclosed to a group of journalists at a press conference held at QCell Headquarters on the 8th January 2009.

In his remarks at the conference, Chief Executive Office, Mr. Muhammed Jah expressed his profound gratitude to the Gambian leader for creating the enabling environment for the business sector, all the people of the Gambia and people residing in the country.

“It will be worthwhile to recognized and celebrate the event of the record as the record will positively change the lives of the populace. “This is good, because it will set a new challenge for the rest to try to break the record and that is what brings about development and will it creates ambition for the young and growing and increases the quality of life for our people.” Position Jah.

According to Jah, the idea of brining to the Gambia “the highest and the best” in the telecommunications technology is QCell goal noting that “we are aiming to place ourselves as Industry Standards in the Gambia and as such, our goal and challenges are very high.”

He noted that they are in the limelight for achieving the vision 2020 which is a Silicon Valley project of His Excellency Sheikh Professor Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh adding that SUNU BUSS is doing all it can in a timely responses to the technological challenges of the age.

“You will agree with me that by any standard of reckoning, QCell is what the Americans call a game changer. It continues to raise the bar, in terms of its technology, its services and its products.”

Highlighting on some of their services and developments, Jah positioned that the internet is fast to access throughout the length and breath of The Gambia from Banjul to Konia.

The first GSM Company to introduce video call service is now the talk of the town, QCell MMS messaging, the service that allows you to send and receive video, music and photos from one mobile to another, this he went on, is a product that is particularly interesting among young people.

In addition, Chart service is a social networking application which allows customers to have fun chars in groups or in private. Still on QCell services, CEO Jah explained that their QTunes allows one to select the music that the individual want people to listen to when they call him/her, with the QAlert, one will never have to miss a call when the phone is switch-off, as the service is there to alert one to view all missed calls.

He mentioned that the QWAP is another fantastic facility, as it allows those with low-end, non-3G, phones to access the net, and enter a world of rich content, including video, sports, news and much more. For the laptop, or a desktop owner, but without a wireless connection to the net, the QWEB USB Internet Data Card is what the doctor order, adding that one can have a fast, easy and reliable connection to the Web anywhere in the country.

In summing it all, Jah stated that QCell’s CUG Services, allows users working in the same institutions to talk and see each other free of charge, thereby reducing the communication cost for both the individuals and institutions drastically. “Today with just D375.00 monthly, one can have access to QCell’s CUG services with a free QCell 3G mobile phone but was quick to announce that they also give discount.

Few weeks a go, Gambians witness the launching of QCell Instant Roaming Sim service with 550 roaming partners in 208 countries in the world and is the first company in Africa to have such a number in the world. QCell Instant Roaming Sim Card is apiece of innovation that exemplifies convenience and simplicity and the service is a gate to the global communication.

QCell CEO added “with the roaming sim cards, customers can travel far and wide, and wherever they might be in the world, they would be able to make a call. The major aim of the service is to provide customers with a cheap, efficient and wide reaching mobile phone experience.

Speaking earlier, Madam Anam Jah of QCell spoke at length about the products that QCell launched within the period of seven months of operations saying that they are the to give free weekend calls which has saves and is still saving their customers thousand of dalasis, first 3G mobile internets, where one can download on your computer emails on the go, Skye, Face book, Stream Quran etc at a very fast speed among other service. She disclosed.

According to her, the phone comes in two colours that is black and white, while calling on all Gambians and people residing in The Gambia to support SUNU BUSS and give assurance that theirs is excellent services at cheapest rates.

In his launching statement, Dr. Omar Jah, an elder of the Jah Family also expressed his profound gratitude to all the people, in which he described all people as born Muslims and called on all Muslims to stick to the five pillars of Islam.

He advised all Muslims to worship Allah and follows the teachings of the prophet Muhammed (SAW) saying that as Muslims we need to be obedience’s, do good deeds and preaches the words of Allah do what is right and prayed for peace and harmony.

Giving an account of the late Imam Mass Jah, he said that Imam Jah has devoted all his life in Islam and has contributed a lot in Islam in the country, Africa and the world at larger noting that he was a true Muslim and all his work is for Islam to prosper.

Imam Ratib Cherno Mass Kah, thanked QCell CEO and the management for the quality services that they are offering to the populace in the telecommunication sector adding that the Muslim phones will be of good use to many people more especially the Muslims community.

Imam Abdoulie Fatty of State House Mosque, Baba Leigh of Kanifing Estate Mosque, Sheikh Jawara of City Limit Radio who runs an Islamic programme and one Badgie all spoke in Mandinka, Fula, Sarahule and Jola respectively for the benefit of the masses as the conference was give live broadcast by the radio stations that were present. In giving the solidarity message, Lord Mayor of KMC Yankuba Colley commended Muhammed Jah and the staff of QCell while Ousman Jah chaired the conference and was well attended by both print and electronic media.

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