Monday, January 4, 2010

Free and Independent Press

If taken at face value, all of the countries under review, with the exception of Algeria and Ethiopia,
guarantee a free and independent press. In Algeria, all radio and television are government- CHAPTER 5 71 In Algeria, all radio and television are government-owned.
There are approximately 40 independent newspapers in Algeria, but each has to rely on the government for printing presses and newsprint. The government also owns the advertising company that decides which newspapers will receive advertisements from state-owned companies.
In Ethiopia, the government controls all radio and broadcast media and there are no independent radio stations. There is only one television station that is government-owned and which puts tight controls on the news.

Governments did not restrict internet access in any of the countries under review. However, in Ethiopia, the government is the only internet service provider which could create cause for concern. In Nigeria,
the Nigerian Communications Commission has complete discretion to grant or deny licences.
Section 12(2) of Decree no 75 of 1992 states that the Commission can “defer consideration of any
application for as long as it deems fit”.

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