Monday, March 14, 2016

Latrikunda fish sellers spoke on fish market

This interview was conducted at Latrikunda Sabiji fish market. Four fish sellers spoke to Mansa Banko Blog on the level of the fish market.

 Mariama Sanyang, a fish seller said that she bought her fish from Tanji Sailors.

According to her, when there is fish scarcity, she bought a basket of red snappers at D6, 000.00 ($150) but when it is abundant, it costs D5, 000.00 ($125) or even less.

“We also pay D100.00 ($2.5) to the fishermen for bookings as being locally called (tekma) to compensate them when the demand is high,” she noted.

For Saikou Yaffa, a fisherman at Bakau fishing centre, they sell their fish to female fish sellers at different markets.

“One of our major constraints is inadequate ice block which is a source of preservative method for fish storage,” he said, whiling lamenting the unavailability of plastic bags which is making the market more difficult.

In some cases, according to him, they contribute some money to buy ice block powder costing D150.00 ($3.75) and shared it among them.  “When there is no ice block, I usually preserve the remaining fish by smoking or drying it, and later sold it at cheap price,” he said.

He finally appealed for standard fish storage facilities.

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